QA automation with Python & Selenium 101
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QA automation with Python & Selenium 101

Module 00 - Environment setup

Students need to prepare the following environment on their computers:


  • Students should be prepared before the first Module since the training does not intend to focus on installation related issues!
  • Students must be familiar with their tools of choice, e.g. they need to know how to use the IDE or text editor, how to search files, how to search for particular text, etc;
  • Instructor may be using different text editor and operating system and may not be able to help with matters related to any particular tool if they are not obvious enough;
  • Students are advised to use the same tools so they can help each other; Preferably the same tools are used inside the company as well;
  • Student must read all preparation materials before class begins;
  • Each Module begins with review of homework from previous Module;
  • Classes will explain the theory from the preparation section with examples and focus on writing programs to solidify the knowledge;
  • Each module is scheduled to take 1 week (total of 3 hrs) of onsite training;
  • All homework needs to be done by COB Friday so that Instructor can review and provide feedback on it!

Useful links:

Module 01: Structure of a Python program

Module 02: Data types and structures

Module 03: If statements and loops

Module 04: Classes and objects

Module 05: Unit testing

Module 06: Selenium with Python

Module 07: Page Objects design pattern

Module 08: Writing automated tests for real scenarios

All materials here are licensed under CC-BY-SA license, see for more information.