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JS Hack was built by bcoe, jessemiller, and dreed1 during an epic hack day at Attachments.me.

It's a multiplayer game that tests your real-world JavaScript skills:

  • It runs a full-featured JavaScript interpreter (V8) in a sandboxed environment.
  • It's built in Node.js using the Express framework.
  • User accounts are handled via everyauth.

You can try it out here: https://attachments.me/hirehack/public/computer.html

It's Open Source!

We don't have time to maintain or update this game, so I've decided to make it open source.

I'd love to see what kinds of other challenges and features people come up with.

Feel free to harass bcoe if you need any help getting started.


  • MongoDB
  • Node.js >= 0.6.0
  • npm >= 1.1.21


To install from NPM:

  • npm install js-hack -g
  • run js-hack -g to generate the public files.
  • run js-hack -p to populate the MongoDB database.
  • edit ~/js-hack/environment.py and add the appropriate paths and credentials.
  • run js-Hack -s to start the js-hack server.

By default the game will be hosted at from

To get a copy of the game up and running quickly.

  • Create a new OAuth application with your Github account.
  • Register a callback with Github for authentication.
  • Edit your local /etc/hosts to reflect the callback you setup with Github.

When you host the game on a real domain, you can get rid of this /etc/hosts entry.


JSHack uses micro-test for unit testing.

  • checkout the project.
  • run npm install micro-test -g
  • run micro-test in the project folder.

Leader's Board

Here's the current leader's board from my hosted version of JSHack.

  1. pcimino pcimino
  2. vjeux vjeux
  3. minitech minitech


Copyright (c) 2011 Attachments.me. See LICENSE.txt for further details.