nginx/php-fpm configuration for use with Drupal - based on yhager's repo. Supports boost, multisite, imagecache, advagg, cdns. Simple vhost configurations
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Drupal on nginx

This configuration is for runnging multiple Drupal virtual hosts
on the nginx webserver with php-fpm.
The configuration is based on yhager's nginx implementation with
some customizations.

Maintained by Attila Beregszaszi (attila [at] frontseed [dot] com)


* Supports multisite
* Supports Boost module
* Supports Imagecache
* Supports Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation (advagg)
* Supports fake CNAME based CDNs for imagecache and advagg
* Configured to be fairly secure:
** only allow a couple of php scripts to run
** administrative scripts protected via htpasswd


* Suggests use of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid)

* Relies upon latest stable nginx code (0.8.x branch)

* PHP 5.3.x with fpm