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Create a storage container before running this:

docker run --name razor-store -v /var/lib/razor/repo-store -v /var/lib/pgsql -v /var/logs busybox true

Start docker-razor and attach storage and link ports, mount tasks locally for review/edit

docker run --name razor-server --hostname razor-server -d -p 8080:8080 \
  -v /some/path:/opt/razor/tasks --volumes-from razor-store docker-razor

The first time this is run the /start.sh script will set up the db if it has not been yet. It will also check for the razor microkernel and grab and unpack it.

You will then need a DHCP and TFTP server to point to this container, and a razor-client installed somewhere to interact with this container. Details are available at the razor wiki

Based off sedlund's container but using package for razor-server so we get a working version of jruby.