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Data associated with Auton et al., PLOS Genetics, 2013
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Canine Genetic Maps

This repository contains files used in the analysis of canine recombination, as described in Auton et al., PLOS Genetics, 2013.

There are two sets of files, corresponding to two slightly different reference builds. The canFam3 files represent those used in the manuscript analysis, specifically using a reference build constructed directly from the Broad reference assemblies.

Conversely, the canFam3.1 files represent the coordinates used by UCSC, are also included here for convenience. However, these were not used for analysis described in the manuscript. The two coordinate systems are quite similar, although there are some differences in gap sizes - in particular camFam3.0 includes 3Mb of 'N' sequence at the start of each chromosome.

Adam Auton

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