Conversion script that translates RaceCapture/Pro CSV file format to GEMS
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Conversion script that converts the RaceCapture/Pro CSV file format to a format compatible with the GEMS Data Analysis Software


  • Perl (tested with Perl 5.18.2)
  • Text::CSV Perl module

Usage: INPUTFILENAME OUTPUTFILENAME --minsats=X --disable-gps-cleanup
    (optional)  --minsats=X where X is the minimum number of gps satellites required for valid data (sets lat/long to null if GpsSats value is less than min) Default is 4.
    (optional)  --disable-gps-cleanup disables the cleanup per the GpsSats value. Useful when you don't care or don't have the GpsSats column logged.

Installing Dependencies

This script requires a Perl add-on module for processing CSV files, the native file format for RaceCapture/Pro. To install this module, issue the command:

> cpan Text::CSV

First time example

##Initial Conversion Here's an example using demo log file. Assuming requirements are met, issue the following command:

> perl RCP_Demo.LOG  RCP_Demo_dlog.csv

##Intermediate conversion Now, open dlog99, select file->import, follow the instructions to select the RCP_Demo_dlog.csv you created in the previous step, and save it as a .stf file

##Opening in GEMS Finally, load GEMS and load the .stf file you created in the the last step