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Scraper for's convictions register.

The convictions register lists details of businesses and individuals that have been found guilty by a court of a breach of the Victorian Food Act of 1984.

The Act requires that each conviction is to be included in the register for 12 consecutive months.

This scraper runs on Morph. To get started see Morph's documentation.

Run the scraper locally

Clone and set up the scraper locally:

git clone
cd vic_health_register_of_convictions

Then run it:

bundle exec ruby scraper.rb

Configure the scraper on Morph

There are several environment variables you can use to control the behaviour of this scraper when running.

Environment variable Default Example value Description
MORPH_GOOGLE_API_KEY nil AIzFuw3JUPraSP7xBLIh-aa34HD Optional API key for talking to the Google Maps API
MORPH_DISABLE_WAYBACK_MACHINE false true Controls whether to cache each response on the Wayback Machine
MORPH_USE_CA_BUNDLE true false Controls whether to use the bundle.pem cert bundle, or use the certs issued by vic health
MORPH_SSL_VERSION TLSv1_2 SSLv23 Sets the SSL version to use without client/server negotiation

Why is there a custom certificate bundle?

Per the Qualsys SSL Labs report, the intermediate certificate is not sent by the server at

Browsers fetch the intermediate certificate, or have them bundled. Most programming languages do not.

Fetch the latest bundle (that includes the intermediate) by:

  1. Going to the GeoTrust page for the bundle
  2. Copying the bundle into bundle.pem in the git repo

The scraper is configured to use bundle.pem as the Certificate Authority file for all HTTPS requests.


Victoria Health register of food safety convictions





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