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For these scripts to work, the following need to be taken into consideration
especially with the memory requirements, otherwise the scripts to compile
CM7 and CM9 will not work

OS: ubuntu 10.04, Debian 6
Memory: CM7 >= 6G, CM9 >= 15G

* /data/android/git -- All git repos and CM syncs
* /data/android/CM -- Base compilation of CM7
* /data/android/CM-ics -- Base compilation of CM9
* /data/android/recovery -- Base directory for compilation of CWM recovery
* /data/android/{leo,click,galaxys2} -- specific files, 3rdp-party for devices
* /data/android/twrp -- Base directory for compilation of twrp
* /data/android/toolchain -- The different revisions of toolchain
* /data/android/kernels -- custom kernels for compilation puposes
* /data/androidsdk -- Full android SDK
* /usr/local/bin -- All binaries for x86 that are compiled by CM7

more to follow ...