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Simple yet powerful automation stuffs.
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code-to-pdf-converter Added techcrunch scraper Jan 4, 2018
codechef-cli-bot Added Codechef submission bot Feb 23, 2018
comics-scraper Added techcrunch scraper Jan 4, 2018
cryptocurrency-info-converter Added cryptocurrency converter Jan 17, 2018
currency-converter Added currency converter Jan 17, 2018 Added script to download word of the day Jan 2, 2018
ecommerce-scraper Added ecommerce scraper Apr 18, 2018
file-organiser Added file organiser script Feb 12, 2018
global-timer Added timer script Feb 21, 2018
gnews-scraper Added Google news scraper Jan 28, 2018
hackernews-scraper Added script to scrape tech news Jan 6, 2018
highscalbility-scraper Added highscalability scraper Nov 8, 2018
imdb-scraper Added script to get movie data from Dec 29, 2017
instagram-scraper Added techcrunch scraper Jan 4, 2018
internshala-scraper Added internshala scraper Jan 9, 2018
linkedin-scrape Added linkedin scraper (v1) Feb 18, 2018
live-cricket-score-scraper Added techcrunch scraper Jan 4, 2018
lyrics-scraper Added lyrics scraper Apr 20, 2018
medium-bookmarks-downloader Reinitialised repository and added Quora Image Scraper Dec 24, 2017
memrise-scraper Added memrise scraper Jul 13, 2018
password-manager Added password-manager Feb 6, 2018
pdf-to-text-converter Added techcrunch scraper Jan 4, 2018
quora-image-scraper Reinitialised repository and added Quora Image Scraper Dec 24, 2017
reddit-scraper Added script Dec 2, 2018
reuters-scraper Added reuters scraper Jan 7, 2018
techcrunch-scraper Added techcrunch scraper Jan 4, 2018
terminal-dictionary Added terminal dictionary Feb 3, 2018
twitter-scraper Added scraper and updated readme May 11, 2018
url-shortener-api Added url shortener service Jan 22, 2018
wallpaper-scraper Added scraper Mar 10, 2018
walmart-scraper Added walmart scraper May 10, 2018
youtube-downloader(v1) Added youtube downloader Jan 31, 2018
LICENSE Added License Jul 6, 2018 Updated Readme Nov 8, 2018


Simple yet powerful automation stuffs

  1. Code to pdf Converter: Converts and combines cpp files within a directory into a single pdf.
  2. Comics Scraper: Fetches comics from and stores them in directory.
  3. Instagram Scraper: Fetch all the images belonging to a particular user on instagram and store them in directory.In action
  4. Medium bookmarks downloader: Downloads all the bookmarks stored by user on
  5. PDF-to-text converter:Converts pdf to text
  6. Live Cricket Score Scraper: Fetches scores from and displays it in tabular format in CLI
  7. Quora Image Scraper: Fetches images from quora answers and stores them in local directory
  8. Quotes Scraper: Fetches quotes from and saves them into json file
  9. IMDB Scraper: Fetches movie data from and displays in pretty format using tabulate python package
  10. Scraper: Fetches word of the day from along with other details
  11. News Scraper-1: Fetches top technology news from
  12. News Scraper-2: Fetches top 30 technology news from and stores them in csv format
  13. News Scraper-3: Fetches top 10 technology news from and store them in csv format
  14. News Scraper-4: Fetches top technology news from
  15. Internshala Scraper: Fetches internship details from and stores them in database
  16. Currency Converter: Uses api to fetch real-time forex rates for currency conversion
  17. Cryptocurrency Converter: Uses cryptocompare api to perform various operations on cryptocurrency rates
  18. URL Shortener API: Performs url shortening using various services like,, and
  19. Google News Scraper: Search for google news from terminal
  20. Youtube Downloader: Fetches user queries from youtube using google api and downloads them using youtube-dl
  21. Terminal Dictionary: Searches for word from terminal and displays its meaning to user
  22. Password Manager: Stores, Fetches, Updates and Removes password with the username provided. Used sqlalchemy for operations
  23. LinkedIn Scraper: Scrapes user profile (v1)
  24. Global Timer: Enter location/city name to get the associated time depending upon time zone
  25. Codechef Submission CLI Bot: Codechef bot to submit the solution of problems and get the result in CLI
  26. Indeed Scraper: Scrapes job listings on and stores them in csv file
  27. Wallpaper Scraper: Scrapes images from webpage and stores them in current directory
  28. Ecommerce Scraper: Scrapes product data from ecommerce websites and displays it to user in CLI
  29. Lyrics Scraper: Scrape lyrics from atozlyrics website by specifying artist name
  30. Walmart Scraper: Scrape data from walmart website and store it in database using MySQLdb
  31. Twitter Scraper: Scrapes tweets from popular hashtags and saves them to csv file
  32. Memrise Scraper: Get Barron's GRE words and their meanings from
  33. Highscalability Scraper: Scrape article names and url's from website(Work in progress)
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