Telegram bot to broadcast GitHub repository events and activities to private and group chats. Supports user and group preferences.
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A Python Bot - built upon the python-telegram-bot wrapper and Node.js - to broadcast GitHub repository events and activities to Telegram chats.

Provides public interface, handles multiple users with multiple subscription to repositories. Every user can add and remove his subscriptions.

A public instance of the bot is online at @radiogit_bot.


  • The webhoook-listener contains a Node app to listen and record JSON payloads from GitHub;
  • The bot folder contains the actual Telegram bot, which provides an user interface (allowing personal preferences) and delivers updates;
  • In misc you'll find some other related code and the old PHP implementation of the webhook listening part (working but deprecated).


Webhook Listener

Dependencies: Node.js (Express 4, body-parser)

Edit the port/webserver configuration and run node index.js (you may find useful setting up a reverse proxy). Make sure it's accessible and accepting POST requests, the URL will be the Payload URL when setting up the actual webhook in GitHub repository settings.

You can test the listener with curl with something like this:

curl -d @payload.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" PAYLOAD/URL/SOME/POST

Assuming payload.json is something like this.

The actual bot

Dependencies: python3 (telegram, sqlite3).

Insert your bot token and run the bot with python


When everything is ready, talk to the bot. If the repository url is, send /sub RepoOwner/RepoName to set up event subscription.

Works in groups, too.


  • Support other types of events (currently supporting only commit events, as POC);
  • Implement secret checking;
  • Conversation Handling;
  • Rate Limitation;
  • Message Templates;

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