Restore Your WordPress Backup In A Virtual Machine
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Defrost Your WordPress Backup In A Virtual Machine

Defroster helps you restore your WordPress backup in a virtual machine to locally develop on your site or just to verify your backup.

This wouldn't be possible without Vagrant.


  1. You backup your WordPress site using any plugin that archives your files and the database. I use BackWPup for that purpose.
    Important: The archive must be a .tgz or .tar.gz file. The .sql file must be located top-level in that archive.
  2. Ruby, RubyGems and the latest version of VirtualBox are installed on your machine
  3. You copied such a backup archive to cookbooks/wordpress/files/default/backwpup.tar.gz

Getting started

  1. Install Vagrant:

     gem install vagrant
  2. Build yourself a nice VM with your WordPress:

     vagrant up

Be patient and wait for it to complete (takes less than 2 minutes on my machine).

That's it!

Now you can point your browser to http://localhost:8080 and marvel at your locally running website.

If you need shell access, execute the following command to get into the VM:

    vagrant ssh

Your WordPress files are located in /var/www, the Apache Virtual Host is configured in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/wordpress.

What you could use this for

  • Verify your backup works
  • Hack on your site when you're offline
  • Test something before deploying it

Your feedback is appreciated!

Here's what you do: