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AWS Flow Framework for Ruby: Hello World (OpsWorks) Sample Application

This version of the Hello World sample is designed to run on Amazon OpsWorks. It contains a few extra files when compared to the version in []:

  • helloworld.json - a file used with the aws-flow-ruby command-line utility, also referred to as the runner. It defines parameters for running the Hello World workflow and activity.

  • flow directory - contains two files: activities.rb and workflows.rb, which direct the runner to the files that should be loaded and scanned for activities and workflows to execute.


The AWS Flow Framework for Ruby is required, which can be obtained and installed using the information here:

If you already have Ruby and RubyGems installed, you can install the framework by opening a terminal window and typing:

gem install aws-flow

For more information about setting up the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby, see Installing the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby in the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby Developer Guide.

Downloading the Sample Code

The code for the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby OpsWorks Hello World sample is available at:

To view or download the code for all of the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby recipes and samples, go to:

Run the Sample

To run the HelloWorld sample:

  1. Open two separate terminal windows and, in each one, change to the the location where you cloned or unarchived the sample code. For example:

    cd ~/Downloads/aws-flow-ruby-opsworks-helloworld/
  2. In each command-line (terminal) window, execute the following commands, substituting your AWS Access keys for the example values.

    On Linux, OS X or Unix:

    export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='your-access-key'
    export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='your-secret-key'
    export AWS_REGION='us-east-1'

    On Windows:

    set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your-access-key
    set AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=your-secret-key
    set AWS_REGION=us-east-1
  3. Execute the following commands, one in each of the terminal windows:

    In terminal window 1:

    aws-flow-ruby -f helloworld.json

    In terminal window 2:

    ruby lib/hello_world_workflow_starter.rb helloworld.json

For More Information

For more information about the Amazon Simple Workflow service and the Amazon Flow Framework for Ruby, consult the following resources:

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