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Elastic Beanstalk Multi Container PHP-FPM + Nginx Demo App

This demo app shows you how to run a simple PHP application using the PHP-FPM and Nginx Docker images from the official Docker library.

Run the App

Follow the steps below to deploy this application to an Elastic Beanstalk Multi-container Docker environment. Accept the default settings unless indicated otherwise in the steps below:

  1. Download the ZIP file from the Releases section of this repository.
  2. Login to the Elastic Beanstalk Management Console
  3. Click 'Create New Application' and give your app a name and description
  4. Click 'Create web server' and select an IAM instance profile to use.
    Note: Please ensure the IAM instance profile you select has the necessary permissions. For more information, see Container Instance Role
  5. Choose 'Multi-container Docker' in the 'Predefined configuration' dropdown and click Next
  6. Upload the ZIP file downloaded in step 1
  7. Review and launch the application