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Karpenter is a Kubernetes Node Autoscaler built for flexibility, performance, and simplicity.


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Karpenter is an open-source node provisioning project built for Kubernetes. Karpenter improves the efficiency and cost of running workloads on Kubernetes clusters by:

  • Watching for pods that the Kubernetes scheduler has marked as unschedulable
  • Evaluating scheduling constraints (resource requests, nodeselectors, affinities, tolerations, and topology spread constraints) requested by the pods
  • Provisioning nodes that meet the requirements of the pods
  • Removing the nodes when the nodes are no longer needed

Come discuss Karpenter in the #karpenter channel, in the Kubernetes slack or join the Karpenter working group bi-weekly calls. If you want to contribute to the Karpenter project, please refer to the Karpenter docs.

Check out the Docs to learn more.