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A linq enabled document database for .NET
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Fix deploying live test: wait until the application pool it down, bef…
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.nuget csproj fix
Art Adding logo
Bundles make zzz_RavenDB_Release compile (reference 3.0 instead of 3.5)
DefaultConfigs RDoc-432 Debug log configuration should include threads
Imports Allowing to parse objects without requiring allocating too much buffe…
NuGet when Raven.Database nuget package is installed, Raven.Studio.Html5.zi…
Raven.Abstractions Merge pull request #2670 from valeriob/RavenJValue_recognize_NAN_Floa…
Raven.Backup Fixing error handling so we get full errors
Raven.Build Example csx file
Raven.Client.Lightweight RavenDB-3923 Make sure we can retry to open subscription if we get Su…
Raven.Client.MonoForAndroid Deploy the project local bin\Debug or bin\Release folder
Raven.Client.MvcIntegration Upgrade Raven.Client.MvcIntegration to use the latest MVC
Raven.Client.VisualBasic.Tests Merge branch 'master' of into 2.1
Raven.Client.WinRT Deploy the project local bin\Debug or bin\Release folder
Raven.Database Merge pull request #2683 from ppekrol/master
Raven.Debug custom fody
Raven.DtcTests Enabling transactional sessions with DTC under AsyncDocumentSession
Raven.Migration Fixing attachment migration tool - fixing NRE caused by data inconsis…
Raven.Performance Synchronizing the zzz_RavenDB_Release solution with the changes on th…
Raven.Server RDoc-432 Debug log configuration should include threads
Raven.Setup.CustomActions Use Microsoft.Web.Administration from the nuget package, in order to …
Raven.Setup RavenDB-3793 Installer - IIS installation - hiding port availability …
Raven.SimulatedWorkLoad Build binaries to bin/Debug and bin/Release folders
Raven.SlowTests RDoc-432 Debug log configuration should include threads
Raven.Smuggler RavenDB-3917 Import exception: 'name' query string parameter cannot b…
Raven.Sparrow Removing debugging code
Raven.StorageExporter RavenDB-3917 Import exception: 'name' query string parameter cannot b…
Raven.Studio.Html5 Studio - Patch by index - query not filtering matching documents
Raven.Tests.Bundles Fixing race conditions in test
Raven.Tests.Common Better handling of time bomb tests
Raven.Tests.Core Complete removal of FluentAssertions (still a couple of tests and pro…
Raven.Tests.FileSystem RavenDB-3920 ResumeFileRenamingAsync takes into account a file's etag…
Raven.Tests.Helpers Don't spam the console output with huge exception, just output to a file
Raven.Tests.Issues Complete removal of FluentAssertions (still a couple of tests and pro…
Raven.Tests.MailingList failing test
Raven.Tests.Migration PricePerUser -> PricePerUnit fix
Raven.Tests.Server.Runner RDoc-432 Debug log configuration should include threads
Raven.Tests.Web csproj fix
Raven.Tests RavenDB-3923 Do not allow to open strategy while it can be still bein…
Raven.Tryouts.MonoForAndroid Deploy the project local bin\Debug or bin\Release folder
Raven.Tryouts Complete removal of FluentAssertions (still a couple of tests and pro…
Raven.VisualHost removing index replication and outdated samples
Raven.Voron RavenDB-3788 Porting changes from 3.5 - number of pages tracking.
Raven.Web csproj fix
Raven.Xunit.Runner Cleanup of the RavenDB Solution targets
Scripts Updated start script to work on paths with blanks
SharedLibs RavenDB-3745 updated Fody to 1.29.0
Specs Minor spec updates
Tools RavenDB-3784: fix Raven.Traffic options descriptions
Utilities removed index replication nuspec, fixed default.ps1 and removed all i…
packages Benchmark code for Compare, Copy and Hash on sparrow tryout.
.gitattributes line endings for java in Windows
.gitignore providing option from different category should warn not throw
CommonAssemblyInfo.cs Fixed and/or removed 700 warnings.
How to build.txt Update How to build.txt
RavenDB.nuspec Upgrade Json.Net from 4.0.8 to 4.5.3
RavenDB.sln RavenDB-3623: Implemented recording functionality
RavenDB.sln.DotSettings Added button to generate class from JSON document
RavenGraph.dgml Aliasing Raven/StorageTypeName and Raven/StorageEngine, so they can b…
Settings.StyleCop minor
acknowledgments.txt Fixed some typos
agpl.txt txt crlf
bisect.cmd added bisect.cmd, removed bisect_internal.ps1
bisect.ps1 message fix Fixing path in the bisect tool
build.cmd Upgrade psake to use the package from NuGet. Now builds should run like:
build.ps1 Restore packages
build_utils.ps1 RavenDB-2631 Support GitLink
cleanup.cmd added cleanup script
cleanup.ps1 cleanup script should work with x64 git
contributing.txt Update contributing.txt
default.ps1 Fix deploying live test: wait until the application pool it down, bef…
license.txt txt crlf
normalize-crlf.ps1 Completing setup as a standalone project
nuget.ps1 Add nuget helper script
quick.ps1 RavenDB-2045 .\quick.ps1 is not working in the build scripts in New3 Alter readme extension from .txt to .md
repeated_run_of_bundles_test.ps1 Merge branch 'master' of
reserver_ports.cmd Fixing potential race condition
run-tests-in-loop.ps1 Minor
run_silverlight_tests.ps1 added script for executing SL tests (they will fail unless a server i…
zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln RavenDB-3784 - Refactoring RavenTraffic code
zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln.DotSettings Team conventions for the zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln

Raven DB

A 2nd generation document database

Issue tracker:

You can start the Raven Service by executing /server/raven.server.exe, and then you can then visit http://localhost:8080 for looking at the UI.

For any questions, please visit:

RavenDB's homepage:

For your convenience RavenDB is also available as nuget packages: RavenDB.Client and RavenDB.Embedded.

This release contains the following:

/Client - RavenDB lightweight client for .NET 4.0 and its dependencies. *** This is the recommended client to use ***

/Silverlight - A lightweight Silverlight 4.0 client for RavenDB and its dependencies..

/EmbeddedClient - The files required to run the RavenDB client, in server or embedded mode. Reference Raven.Client.Embedded.dll and create a DocumentStore, passing a URL or a directory. See the docs for more help.

Whichever client version you choose to use, reference all the assemblies in the corresponding folder to your project.

As for the rest of the folders in the package, here's a brief description of what they contain:

/Server - The files required to run RavenDB in server / service mode. Execute /Server/Raven.Server.exe /install to register and start the Raven service

/Web - The files required to run RavenDB under IIS. Create an IIS site in the /Web directory to start the Raven site.

/Bundles - Bundles for extending RavenDB in various ways

/Samples - Some sample applications for RavenDB * Under each sample application folder there is a "Start Raven.cmd" file which will starts Raven with all the data and indexes required to run the sample successfully.

/Backup - Standalone backup tool, for performing backup operations using a user with admin privileges.

/Smuggler - The Import/Export utility for RavenDB.

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