A linq enabled document database for .NET
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.idea/.idea.RavenDB-Dnx Adding Project Rider file Nov 23, 2016
.vscode Fix Tests: Subscription Dec 25, 2016
Imports RavenDB-5783 Raven.Client and Raven.NewClient now targets netstandard1.3 Dec 7, 2016
ToMigrate (RavenDB-6112) fix FindEscapePositionsIn, add FindEscapePositionsMaxSize Jan 15, 2017
bench Adding benchmark for bulk_docs Jan 20, 2017
docs RavenDB-5783 Retarget Client to netstandard1.3 Dec 9, 2016
libs RavenDB-6104 updated Jint to 2.10.3 Jan 13, 2017
scripts RavenDB-4932 gulpfile es5 vs task runner compatibility fixes, rename … Jan 12, 2017
src Merge branch 'RavenDB-5861' of https://github.com/ppekrol/ravendb int… Jan 20, 2017
test Merge branch 'RavenDB-5861' of https://github.com/ppekrol/ravendb int… Jan 20, 2017
tools RavenDB-5069 Create query page Jan 20, 2017
.gitattributes RavenDB-5646 fix lack of extension for ps import Dec 1, 2016
.gitignore RavenDB-5643 add missing archivization utilities binaries Dec 7, 2016
NuGet.Config RavenDB-5621 updated to .NET Core 1.1 Nov 17, 2016
RavenDB-Dnx.sln fixed sln Jan 16, 2017
build.ps1 RavenDB-5728 removing tools/TypingGenerator/bin dir in build script Jan 5, 2017
build.sh RavenDB-5783 Retarget Client to netstandard1.3 Dec 9, 2016
git_setup.cmd RavenDB-4343 migrated git pre-commit hook Feb 11, 2016
git_setup.sh pre-commit sh 2 bash Apr 21, 2016
global.json RavenDB-5861 moved client tests to a proper location Jan 12, 2017
install_prerequisites.sh RavenDB-5783 Retarget Client to netstandard1.3 Dec 9, 2016
readme.md RavenDB-5216 Review and cleanup common/extensions.ts class - lodash i… Dec 14, 2016
testInLoop.sh Fix Tests: Subscription Dec 25, 2016
upload.ps1 RavenDB-5643 fix upload script Dec 9, 2016


RavenDB - the premier NoSQL database for .NET

This repository contains source code for RavenDB document database.

Build Status

Version Windows Linux
3.0 N/A
3.5 N/A

New to RavenDB?

Check out our Getting started page.

How to download?

Stable download NuGet
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Java Client download Maven

What's new?

Our latest list of changes can always be found here.

Found a bug?

You can create issues at our YouTrack.

How to build?


  • .NET Core 1.0
  • TypeScript 2.1
  • WiX Toolset 3.7 or higher

Want to contribute?

Each Pull Request will be checked against following rules:

  • cla/signed - all commit authors need to sign CLA. This can be done using our CLA sign form
  • commit/whitespace - all changed files cannot contain TABs inside them. Before doing any work we suggest executing our git_setup.cmd. This will install git pre-commit hook that will normalize all whitespaces during commit
  • commit/message/conventions - all commit messages (except in merge commits) must contain issue number from our YouTrack e.g. 'RavenDB-1234 Fixed issue with something'
  • tests - this executes build.cmd Test on our CI to check if no constraints were voilated

Need help?

If you have any questions please visit our community group.