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Processing mode for Emacs.
Written by Rudolf Olah.

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later.

== About ==

This mode is a derivative of the java-mode. It adds key-bindings for
running/compiling Processing sketches and it also highlights keywords
found in the Processing language, such as ``setup'', ``draw'', and

== Setup ==

In your .emacs file, add this:

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/processing-emacs/")
    (autoload 'processing-mode "processing-mode" "Processing mode" t)
    (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.pde$" . processing-mode))
    (setq processing-location "/path/to/processing")

== Usage ==

The key-bindings are:

    C-c C-b    Preprocess, and compile a sketch into .class files.
    C-c C-r    Preprocess, compile, and run a sketch.
    C-c C-p    Preprocess, compile, and run a sketch full screen.

The mode also includes helpful code snippets. To use them you must
install the YASnippet package found here:

== Bugs ==

* Compilation...there is a bug in the compilation because the
  Commander class of Processing does not accept the ``--preferences''
  option. The workaround is to copy your ``preferences.txt'' from your
  home directory (in Linux it can be found in ``~/.processing/'') to
  the sketch directory. You will have to create a sub-directory called
  ``lib'' in the sketch directory which is where the
  ``preferences.txt'' file will reside. Sym-linking also works.

=== Using Processing Libraries ===

Processing allows developers to extend its functionality with
libraries. These are collections of JAR (Java ARchive) files that can
be included with a sketch.

processing-mode handles the inclusion of libraries by opening up a
file named ``libraries_required.txt'' in the sketch folder. On each
line of that file will be the name of the library's folder.

As an example, let's say we have a sketch that uses the JavaScript
library. To include it with the sketch, our ``libraries_required.txt''
would look like:


Just a single line :D processing-mode will do some magic and use the
following path when including the library with the sketch compilation:


In the ``library'' sub-folder of all libraries there will be a set of
JAR files. They will be added to the classpath when the sketch is
compiled or run.

== Fixed Bugs ==

* Compilation errors...The regular expression used to detect
  compilation error messages does indeed work. Unfortunately there is
  another regular expression that is interfering and being matched
  _before_ it.

  The fix is to shadow the global variable with a local one that
  narrows down the searchable regex list to a single regexp: