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The static website manager
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The static website manager.

Kowa Logo

WARNING: This is a work in progress, tests are missing, documentation is missing... a lot of stuff is missing, and it has NOT been deployed in production yet.

Build a typical showcase website thanks to a modern admin web app. You website is generated statically everytime you make a change to it.

A static website is easy to deploy, cost effective and really fast.

With kowa, create a website for your organisation with:

  • a customizable homepage
  • a contact page
  • an activities page to clearly explain what your organisation is about
  • a posts page: post your latests news, and publish them automatically on social networks (not implemented yet)
  • an events page: inform your audience about your ongoing events
  • a members page featuring your organisation team
  • and as many custom pages as you want

All these features are optionnals: only take what your need.

The server is written in Go and the client is an Ember.js application that you can find at

Development setup


Follow instructions at:


Fetch all themes:

$ git clone --recursive


You need a running mongodb server running on standard port.

Conf file

It is tedious to pass flags to kowa commands, so let's create a $HOME/.kowa/config.toml config file, with TomML syntax like that:

upload_dir = "/path/to/kowa-client/upload"
themes_dir = "/path/to/kowa-themes"
serve_output = true
  • The upload_dir setting indicates where uploaded files are stored (ie. the /upload directory of kowa-client).
  • The themes_dir setting points to the kowa-themes directory that you previously cloned.
  • The serve_output setting activates serving of static sites for the server and build commands.


Fetch kowa:

$ go get
$ go get
$ go get

Build kowa:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make build

Add an administrator user with two sites:

$ ./kowa add_user mike Michelangelo TMNT pizzaword true
$ ./kowa add_site site1 'My First Site' mike
$ ./kowa add_site site2 'My Second Site' mike

Start server:

$ ./kowa server

The server is now waiting for API requests on port 35830 and serves generated sites on port 48910.

Embedded data

Install go-bindata package:

$ go get -u

When you modify translations files in locales/ or mailers templates in mailers/templates/, you have to regenerate core/bindata.go file with:

$ make gen

Development workflow

When you change server code, you have to rebuild it with make build and restart it.

When you change a SASS file in a theme you don't have to rebuild the server, but you have to rebuild the theme, for example:

$ cd kowa-themes/willy
$ grunt build

Every time you make a change on a site thanks to the client app, the corresponding static site is rebuilt in the background.

You can still trigger a manual rebuild of a static site with this command:

$ ./kowa build site1

If you modify the code that handles images, you can regenerate all derivatives for a given site with this command:

$ ./kowa gen_derivatives site1


To add a dependcy:

$ go get foo/bar

Edit your code to import foo/bar, then:

$ godep save

To update a dependency:

$ go get -u foo/bar
$ godep update foo/bar
$ godep save


To launch tests, go to kowa root directory, then:

$ make test
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