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Azavea Inc

Azavea Inc

Python 1 1


Example scripts for interacting with HunchLab 2.0.

Updated April 24, 2014

Azavea GitHub Page

Updated April 24, 2014

JavaScript 0 0


Updated April 16, 2014

JavaScript 0 6


forked from tkrajina/leaflet-editable-polyline

editable polylines plugin for leaflet

Updated April 11, 2014

JavaScript 0 1,069


forked from twitter/typeahead.js

typeahead.js is a fast and fully-featured autocomplete library

Updated April 10, 2014

Scala 0 1


Scala parser for GTFS that fully handles calendars and repeated trips.

Updated April 01, 2014

Python 11 7


a CSV exporter for django querysets

Updated March 25, 2014

JavaScript 0 1


The Nature Conservancy Louisiana Freshwater Tools

Updated March 24, 2014


ACS Alchemist is a tool that can help you extract specific portions of the American Community Survey (ACS) in Shapefile format.

Updated March 21, 2014


Updated February 17, 2014

JavaScript 3 2


A Concrete5 package that uses Azavea's Cicero API for elected official lookups by address.

Updated January 30, 2014


The core assembly for the FastDAO library

Updated January 29, 2014

Python 1 3


A Python wrapper for Azavea's Cicero API

Updated January 22, 2014

Python 129 58


Open Data Catalog is an open data catalog based on Django, Python and PostgreSQL. It was originally developed for, a portal that provides access to open data sets, applications, and APIs related to the Philadelphia region. The Open Data Catalog is a generalized version of the original source code with a simple skin. It is intended to display information and links to publicly available data in an easily searchable format. The code also includes options for data owners to submit data for consideration and for registered public users to nominate a type of data they would like to see openly available to the public.

Updated January 13, 2014


An adapter for FastDAO to connect to databases using OleDb

Updated December 19, 2013


A set of common C# utility classes. Part of the Oatmeal Utilities library.

Updated December 02, 2013

JavaScript 0 25


forked from CartoDB/Windshaft

A map tile server for PostGIS based on node.js and Mapnik

Updated November 12, 2013

Python 19 5


OMGeocoder - A python geocoding abstraction layer

Updated November 06, 2013

JavaScript 0 9


forked from finn-no/carousel-js

Our general purpose carousel widget which can be used for multiple use-cases.

Updated November 05, 2013

Python 0 13


forked from mjumbewu/django-rest-framework-csv

CSV Tools for Django REST Framework

Updated November 03, 2013

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