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Javascript wrapper for GDAL in the browser
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A wrapper for running GDAL in the browser using gdal-js

Build Status


  1. yarn install
  2. yarn dev and in another session yarn test:watch

Built libraries are placed in lib.

Basic usage

// Load WebAssembly and data files asynchronously. Will be called automatically by
// but it is often helpful for responsiveness to pre-initialize. Returns a promise.

// Assuming you have a `Blob` object from somewhere. `File` objects also work => {
    .then((width) => /* do stuff with width */)
    .then(() => dataset.close()); // It's important to close datasets after you're done with them
  // Available functions on dataset are:
  // - width()
  // - height()
  // - transform() (returns in GDAL ordering, not affine transform ordering)
  // - wkt()
  // - count() (returns number of bands)
  // - convert() (Takes an array of strings that match options to gdal_translate, e.g. ['-of', 'PNG'], returns dataset)
  // - warp() (Takes an array of strings that match options to gdalwarp, returns dataset)


// Utility function for reprojecting points. srcSRS and destSRS must be full WKT strings.
loam.reproject(srcSRS, destSRS, [[x, y], [x, y], ...]);

Further examples are available in the tests.

To install, make loam.min.js web-accessible or include it in your bundle. Then, make sure the following are web-accessible from the same path (but NOT included in your bundle):

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