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Use inline Go code within your Perl 6 source code. The project has the following ambitious goals to achieve:

  • Parse Go code using Perl 6 grammars with test suite taking directly from Go language specification.
  • Transform Go functions and classes to be usable within Perl 6.
  • Provide a simple and robust way to take advantage of Go groutines in Perl 6.

Note: This currently a totally experimental module. Please do not use on a production system.

The module is currently using simple regular expression to find exported go functions signatures with a simple Go-to-Perl-6 type mapping. The Perl 6 NativeCall Go function wrapper is added via an evil EVAL into the current object via a role (to support multiple objects).


use v6.c;

my $code = '
package main

import ("C"; "fmt")

//export Add_Int32
func Add_Int32(a int, b int) int { return a + b }

//export Hello
func Hello() { fmt.Println("Hello from Go!") }

func main() { }

my $go = :code( $code ) );
say $go.Add_Int32(1, 2);

For more examples, please see the examples folder.


  • Please install the Go language toolchain from here. You need at least Go 1.5 or later.

  • On windows, you need the gcc toolchain. Luckily you can have that easily by installing Strawberry Perl.

  • Install it using zef (a module management tool bundled with Rakudo Star):

$ zef install Inline::Go


  • To run tests:
$ prove -ve "perl6 -Ilib"
  • To run all tests including author tests (Please make sure Test::Meta is installed):
$ zef install Test::META
$ AUTHOR_TESTING=1 prove -e "perl6 -Ilib"

See Also


Ahmad M. Zawawi, azawawi on #perl6.


MIT License