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Reward System for Azerothcore
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Reward System

-- Latest build status with azerothcore: Build Status

This is a module for AzerothCore that adds items for players that have stayed logged in the x amount of time.

Current features:

-**This module rewards players the the time they have spent logged into the character it does a check if the player is AFK, also items can be added via the database.

Upcoming features:


Reward System module currently requires:

AzerothCore v1.0.1+

How to install

###1) Simply place the module under the modules folder of your AzerothCore source folder.

###2) Input the SQL file to the character database.

###3) Re-run cmake and launch a clean build of AzerothCore

That's it.

(Optional) Edit module configuration

If you need to change the module configuration, go to your server configuration folder (e.g. etc), copy reward_system.conf.dist to reward_system.conf and edit it as you prefer.

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