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Awesome Lisp Company

Lisp logo

Awesome Lisp Company is the curated lisp for companies that use Lisp Extensively in their stack.

👽 This list intended only for company with Common Lisp and Scheme usage 👽

Table of Contents

North America

United States

  • Acceleration
    • Acceleration is a leading provider of business class IT solutions: high-speed internet access services, private network design and managed support, website design, hosting, dedicated and virtual server hosting,... they have a Github account.
  • ASTN Group, Inc.
    • brings AI systems that will change the way we do things, from the airline industry; financial systems; and military applications, to name a few.
    • all core components are written in Common Lisp to adapt to the dynamic nature of information propagation to support reflective computations and allow seamless code updates.
    • location: Austin, TX
    • Active as of June 2022.
  • Boeing
    • uses the Allegro NFS Server in the onboard network system of Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft (source: video, ELS 2015).
  • Barefoot Networks
    • "we use Lisp (via Allegro CL’s Enterprise class development environment) in the design of our Intel Tofino series of programmable switch chips"
    • article on Franz Inc networks, some words on reddit, and a youtube video.
  • Cadence
    • software and engineering services for electronic design automation. San Jose, CA (headquarters of worldwide company). Their IC design software uses SKILL (a Franz Lisp variant) as a scripting language.
  • Clozure Associates
    • software development consulting firm specializing in Common Lisp development. Somerville, MA. Sponsors and developers of OpenMCL.
    • Active as of January 2018.
  • Daric
    • Industry-leading software to help manage risk and improve the customer experience for the world's leading financial institutions. Client of the MOCL mobile and OSX implementation.
  • 👼
    • online item trading. Tallahassee, FL. SBCL/Hunchentoot, mention Lisp on their Advantages page
  • Eaton Vance
    • financial services. Boston, MA. Bruce Lewis created BRL , a dialect of Scheme called “a database-oriented language to embed in HTML and other markup.”
    • Active as of January 2018
  • EnRoute Systems
    • (formerly Trip Planner) - trip planning solutions including planning engine, web front-end, hosting, and data import/repair. Spokanne, WA. Lots of details on the Technical Info page (including discussion of packages, infrastructure, and algorithms). Made by Jean-Paul Larocque, who has more lisp code on his main site, ThoughtCrime. (news coverage)
  • Grammarly
  • Franz Inc.
    • offers AllegroCL, a Common Lisp compiler and programming environment; AllegroGraph, a graph database / triple store written in Common Lisp; and consultancy services. Oakland, CA.
    • Active as of September 2018
  • Gensym
    • Since 1986, Gensym's G2 has been the leading real-time expert system development platform for building mission critical process control, alarm management, and complex simulation applications.
    • Privately owned since 2007, Gensym established an affiliation with Ignite Technologies in October 2015, increasing Gensym's investment in G2 innovation and G2-based solutions.
  • Genworks
    • provides General-purpose Declarative Language (GDL), a Generative Application Development system for creating web-centric Knowledge Based Engineering and Business applications, based on the free software Gendl. Genworks uses AllegroCL, its Head of Product Development is the founder of the Common Lisp foundation.
  • GigaMonkeys Consulting
    • software development and QA consulting. Oakland, CA. Deserves mention because Peter Seibel wrote Practical Common Lisp, claimed by ITA Software as their training manual.
  • GrammaTech
    • Source code analysis tools for C, C++, Ada. Ithaca, NY. Hiring software engineers and interns with experience programming in Scheme, compilers, and static analysis.
    • released Resolve, software AST-based diff calculation, display, and automated resolution. AGPL-3, C++ and Common Lisp.
    • Active as of January 2022
  • GraphMetrix
    • automation of document extraction and publishing for construction, property and logistics.
    • Active as of September 2020.

"We are using Lisp as the main engine for our RDF -> Sparql -> in-memory rdf db -> conceptual inference system at graphMetrix"

  • HRL Laboratories
    • One of the world's premier physical science and engineering research laboratories.
    • Engage in the development of a full quantum device and computation stack, including an optimizing compiler for a quantum programming language. Uses SBCL.
    • Active as of April 2021.
  • Impact Solutions “Smart Drilling” 👼
    • real-time analysis of oil rig drilling data. Houston, TX. Four developers, won the Offshore Technology Conference’s “Spotlight on Technology” award.
  • iRobot
    • a company that designs and builds consumer robots for inside and outside of the home, including a range of autonomous home vacuum cleaners (like the Roomba, whose native code is written in a compatible subset of Common Lisp). research paper.
  • Inspiration Software, Inc
    • educational software, including InspireData, a product for building data literacy. Beaverton, OR. Made in LispWorks.
  • ITA Software by Google
    • airfare search engine and airline scheduling software. Cambridge, MA. Common Lisp used for basically everything, currently hiring and expanding their business.
    • is a repository for third-party Lisp code out of Google/ITA, with libraries such as gRPC or cl-protobufs.
    • Active as of January 2018
  • Mind AI
    • Founded in 2018, Mind AI is an artificial intelligence engine and an ecosystem that was created to offer an entirely new approach to AI.
  • MusicEase - MusicEase Software has been involved in the development of music notation software for over 35 years.
    • "MusicEase is a constraint-based system with a large amount of knowledge of music notation. This allows it to intelligently handle many of the details of scoring automatically."
    • a LispWorks success story.
    • includes a fully functional demo, free for 30 days (printouts are watermarked). Available on Windows and MacOS.
  • Mutual Knowledge Systems
    • MuKn (pronounced "moon") develops the open source Glow language for smart contracts on blockchains. The compiler and support libraries are implemented in Gerbil Scheme. The team is fully remote and is hiring globally.
  • the NASA develops
    • PVS, "the People's Verification System". PVS is a verification system: that is, a specification language integrated with support tools and a theorem prover. See also pvslib.
    • the SPIKE planning and scheduling software, used in the Hubble and James-Webb space telescops.
    • let's remind the Remote Agent Experiment (Deep Space 1 space probe, 1999).
    • photo sharing site aimed towards casual photographers. Beverly, MA. Kawa Scheme running on JVM, created by Bruce Lewis
  • PTC's 3D CAD software - 3D Design Software.
    • "Creo Elements/Direct is a comprehensive system for mechanical engineers and designers who create products using the direct modeling approach to 3D CAD." [Proprietary, free version].
    • example use: the Eterna brand usee it to develop its watches.
    • "7+ million lines of Common Lisp code" (source: ELS 2009 slides)
    • free version for Microsoft Windows x64.
    • Learning with real time text-to-song. Uses a combination of SIOD Scheme for natural language processing and SBCL and ECL for the core technology.
    • Active as of July, 2021
  • Rigetti Quantum Computing
    • Manufacturer of quantum computers and provider of their services through their product called Forest. Much of their code is written in Common Lisp, including their quantum virtual machine and quantum compiler. (video, paper, github)
  • Secure Outcomes
    • builds and provides digital livescan fingerprinting systems for use by law enforcement, military, airports, schools, Fortune 500s, etc. All their systems are constructed in Common Lisp (lispjobs announce, LispWorks success story).
  • Screenshotbot
    • Visual Testing as a service. Get notified on Pull Requests when your code changes your UI, mobile or web. Built with LispWorks.
  • SRI
  • StreamFocus
  • Smart Information Flow Technologies
    • Contract research house. Minneapolis, MN. Mission objective: “Getting information where it belongs when it’s needed.” Hiring AI professionals to support human control of complex systems. Research areas include: Planning, Plan recognition, Intelligent UserInterfaces, Information Presentation and Management and Computational Etiquette. Have at least one product at opensource – Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planner 2 (SHOP2).
  • ThirdLaw LLC
    • founded by Christian Schafmeister and Martin Cracauer, the CLASP and Cando developers, ThirdLaw provides support and services for computational chemistry.
  • Tiltontec
    • a student-driven Algebra learning system.
    • Common Lisp projects by Kenneth Tilton, like Cells, an implementation of the dataflow programming paradigm. NYC.
  • Tech Co-op
    • a not-for-profit, member-owned services co-operative dedicated to providing Technical Services for it’s members. Vancouver, Canada. Lisp for internal development and for members. Offers hosting and hosts many Lisp sites like,, and
  • Web Checkout - Equipement management & asset tracking software.
    • they were hiring in 2022.
    • "We have been a lisp shop since the 90s, starting off on CMUCL but porting to SBCL over a decade ago now."
    • "While the back-end core of our application is implemented in SBCL, the front end is AngularJS. We don't shy away from other technologies. Some back end services are implemented in Java or NodeJS; whatever make the most sense. We use Postmodern for persistence. Being a scheduling application the local-time library is a big deal for us."
  • Wukix
    • vendor of the MOCL implementation for mobile and OSX.


  • AMARC 👼
    • organization supporting community radio broadcasting. Montreal, Canada. Job page mentions Scheme, web development, and graphics. Uses a Wiki powered by Gauche
  • Carre Technologies
    • intelligent machines. Montreal, Canada. Main page just lets you send mail, but the site includes a Chicken Scheme extension for Gnu/Octave and a floating point vector and matrix library for Gambit Scheme.
  • D-Wave Systems Inc.
    • The Quantum Computing Company (trademark). The world's first company to sell quantum computers. Wikipedia Page
  • HexstreamSoft
    • Public Domain Common Lisp R&D.
    • Active as of October 2020.
  • Kronos, Altitude Division
    • Montreal, Canada. Listed on MSLUG Home Page, can’t find any more details about Lisp or Scheme usage
  • MetaScoop
    • consulting and custom development in Scheme. Montreal, Canada. Developed JazzScheme, recently released as Open Source.
  • NuEcho
    • speech enabled applications. Montreal, Canada. Scheme; Dominique Boucher was the main organizer of the Montreal Scheme/Lisp User Group (MSLUG)
  • Silex Creations
    • multimedia solutions for avant-garde businesses, audio synthesis. Montreal, Canada. Listed on MSLUG Home Page, can’t find any more details about Lisp or Scheme usage


  • Ikkiware
    • Developing a entrepreneurs oriented Social Network, which includes project management and productivity tools called Huuii Smart and Huuii People as a social network, Huuii Polls as a Polls tool and Huuii Sites as web site creator tool use SBCL, some of their post about Common Lisp.



  • 3E

    • Provides "consultancy services and software products to improve the performance of sustainable energy systems and optimize energy consumption". The real-time data aggregation and alerting engines of its Synaptic product is Common Lisp based. (job announce)
  • PEPITe 👼

    • manufacturing intelligence, data mining. Angleur, Liege, Belgium. Their product Pepito was featured in the Franz Success Stories page.


  • Mu Aps 👼
    • Building automatic trading systems. Farum, Denmark. Klaus Habro of Mu Aps wrote the cl-muproc library: Erlang-inspired multi-processing in Common Lisp. Two presentations (both pdf) and a summary.
  • SteelSeries ApS
    • Makes gaming accessories such as headsets, keyboards and mice. Games can integrate with these through the SteelSeries Engine using GoLisp, their open source Lisp written in Go, which aims to be compatible with MIT/GNU Scheme.


  • Greater Skies
    • "The original map of the sky as seen from a place and time of your choice, since 2006"
    • comments on HackerNews.
  • LispWorks Ltd
    • The company sells software written using Common Lisp. Their main products, LispWorks and Liquid Common Lisp, are Lisp development tools. Their primary business is support and development of these tools. They also provide consultancy services to companies needing implementation of software projects.
    • since 2005. LispWorks Ltd was formed to continue and grow the Lisp business formerly owned by Xanalys Corporation (previously owned by Global Graphics and originating with Harlequin). LispWorks Ltd comprises the Lisp team who were previously with Xanalys.
  • OpusModus Ltd
    • Building Opusmodus, an award-winning music composition software.
  • Virtual Insurance Products Ltd
    • Insurance MGA with a bespoke business to business web platform (with some customer facing parts) written in Common Lisp.
    • Active as of November 2020
    • and Github account
    • Currently (November 2020) looking to hire CL developer(s)
  • Kina knowledge
    • automates the processing of documents.
    • "We use Common Lisp extensively in our document processing software core for classification, extraction and other aspects of our service delivery and technology stack." See Lisp Interview: questions to Alex Nygren (from #66).
    • active as of October 2021


  • Steel Bank Studio 👼
    • SBCL consulting. Helsinki, Finland. One man consulting firm consisting of Nikodemus Siivola, SBCL hacker and co-founder of
    • Closed as the owner clarified



  • bevuta IT GmbH

    • bevuta IT aims to be a technological leader and close to current scientific developments, focusing on objectively good technologies instead of current trends. The company employs the founder and core developers of the CHICKEN Scheme project.
  • CoCreate

  • Cognesys

    • “automatic ascertainment and further processing of verbal and text messages” (Natural Language Processing). Ubach-Palenburg, Germany. Looking for experienced and fresh Lisp programmers
  • MTU Aero Engines

    • MTU Aero Engines is Germany's leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. It engages in the development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and industrial gas turbines. They use Allegro CL.
  • m-creations

    • Custom software solutions for mid-size to big companies in finance/payment, health care, and media. Using Common Lisp in different fields ranging from dynamic web applications and Natural Language Processing to systems engineering infrastructure in container clusters (DNS, dynamic load balancer).
  • stk-hamburg


  • Infometrics
    • Automatic Functional Sizing. Muiderberg, Netherlands. Analyzes requirements and design documents for business software to make a Function Point Analysis. Sole proprietorship (Ernst van Waning) using Allegro/Lispworks.


  • Selvaag
    • home building, real estate management, developing IT tools for industrial housing construction. Oslo, Norway. Developed the BlueThink knowledge management tools for housing construction planning.


  • TurtleWare
    • A software (and Common Lisp) consulting boutique. Run by Daniel Kochmański, who maintains Embeddable Common Lisp.


    • decision-support systems for resource planning and management in transportation companies. Lisboa, Portugal. Allegro CL since version 5 – before that it was Lucid Lisp.


  • SberBank
    • SberBank is the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the leading financial institutions worldwide. Uses Common Lisp(SBCL) as a backend in a Metadata Management System for an internal cybersecurity big data.


  • RavenPack
    • RavenPack is the leading big data analytics provider for financial services. Lots of NLP and multi-threaded, distributed systems programming in CL (Allegro CL). Marbella, Spain. Actively searching for CL (senior and junior) developers.


  • Anaphoric
    • natural language interface for relational databases. Umeå, Sweden. Including Michael Minock of Umeå University. Downloadable demo of their CatchPhrase product. 20K lines of Clisp code.
  • Doremir Music Research AB
    • Developing ScoreCloud, a music notation software (a LispWorks product). Stockholm.


  • Shirakumo / Nicolas Hafner
    • Developing Kandria, a post-apocalyptic hack & slash platformer game.
    • Many other open source libraries and projects for game development and web development.


  • Keepit
    • a cloud-to-cloud backup service provider. Was hiring two Common Lisp developers in October, 2020.


South Africa

  • Managing Transformation Solutions
    • Insite is a flexible, cloud-based social performance management platform that enables users to streamline the collection and validation of social sustainability data. The result is reporting on social performance requirements that is as reliable as the reporting out of accounting systems.
    • Started in 2009 MTS has been using Common Lisp for development from day one.
    • Development is done in Common Lisp except for the odd JS script.
    • Developed a object database written in Common Lisp for lighting fast queries.




    • Developing the next generation of symbolic AI systems
    • Uses LispWorks


  • Mathematical Systems, Inc
    • scientific software, computer science, internet solutions, social systems. Tokyo, Japan. Their Car Crash Database System (using Allegro) lets engineers browse over 1TB of numerical, photo, and video data about car crashes to design safer cars (used by Honda). If you know Japanese, they have a page called “Why Common Lisp?” (translation appreciated).
  • Pocket Change Inc.
    • Pocket Change is an innovative service. It converts leftover coins and bills to electronic money, gift codes, and coupons of your choice.
    • Pokcet Change uses Common Lisp in their exchange machine. Eitaro Fukamachi is Lead Engineer here.
  • t-cool
    • a non-profit organization that organizes events where Lispers gather

Virtual or Unsure of Location

  • GeneNetwork uses GNU Guix and scheme extensively in production.
  • the PostgreSQL organization uses Common Lisp in at least two products:
  • Pandora Bots - Chatbots with Character.
    • "Easily bring your chatbots to life with real-time animation integrations."
    • "many of [PandoraBots] strengths come from the power and straightforwardness of AIML and a Lisp-based parsing and translatingi engine". Seen on interview of Fritz Kunze, founder of Franz, Inc.
    • San Francisco, Tokyo, London.
  • Raytheon SigLab
    • a signal processing analysis pipeline for developing algorithms. A LispWorks success story.
  • Untyped
    • web applications, custom software development, training. Virtual Office (5 people). PLT Scheme, very good blog
  • Utilitymage
    • In Utility Mage (Umage) the aim is to make as much of the utility management process transparent. This allows both utility managers and the invoiced entity access to the relevant data like invoices, trend reports, exception reports and audit trails, such as photos of meter readings. As of may 2018, it is a startup still in Health mode. Umage is built in Common Lisp.
  • Modern Interpreters Inc.
    • building screenshotbot, an open-source, mobile-first automated screenshot testing. Written primarily with LispWorks, works also on CCL.
    • Active as of July, 2021

Other Resources


  • 👼 : Dead Companies.


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    • description. addditional information.
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  • Write a description and additional description for the company.
  • Make sure it is put under the appropriate location.
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