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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
PSA: moved into babel/babel as @babel/parser -->
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ast Move ?? to LogicalExpression Oct 15, 2017
.babelignore Use a .babelignore to skip compiling lib and fixtures. (#451) Apr 5, 2017
.eslintignore Use prettier (#600) Jun 28, 2017
.eslintrc Enable no-case-declarations to prevent bugs and remove if (true) Aug 28, 2017
.flowconfig Fix flow errors (#735) Sep 27, 2017
.gitattributes Fix .gitattributes line ending setting (#191) Oct 17, 2016
.gitignore Move ?? to LogicalExpression Oct 15, 2017
.yarnrc Integrate Test262 (#654) Aug 7, 2017
AUTHORS add acorn license - cc @RReverser Jul 30, 2015 basic publish steps [skip ci] Jun 28, 2017
LICENSE add acorn license - cc @RReverser Jul 30, 2015
Makefile Use correct branch for babel test (#707) Aug 31, 2017
codecov.yml Enable partial code coverage (#109) Sep 6, 2016
rollup.config.js Update rollup config options (#685) Aug 22, 2017

Babylon has been moved into the main Babel mono-repo as @babel/parser.

The move makes it much easier to release and develop in sync with the rest of Babel!

This repo will be made read-only, as all of the issues/labels have been moved over as well. Please report any bugs and open pull requests over on the main mono-repo.

Check out the 6.x README here

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