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What is Chatto

Chatto is a Swift framework to ease the development of chat applications. At the UI level, it takes care of managing the UICollectionView where the messages are displayed and provides a placeholder for an input component.

Chatto features:

  • Manages UICollectionView, taking care of calculating changes and performing updates.
  • Placeholder for an input component at the bottom of the screen.
  • Provides support for interactive dismissal of the keyboard and adjusts the insets automatically when it appears.
  • Provides a default layout for the UICollectionView.
  • Calculates this layout in a background queue (partially if your sizing routines can be only executed in the main thread).
  • Triggers notifications to the data source to retrieve more messages (pagination)
  • Encourages clean code by decoupling your message's presentation into different presenters

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What is ChattoAdditions

ChattoAdditions is a companion framework for Chatto

ChattoAdditions features:

  • BaseMessageCollectionViewCell: a base cell for chat messages, supporting a failed icon, an avatar, and a revealing timestamp. It is a generic container for the actual message (ViewT).
  • TextMessageCollectionViewCell: a concrete subclass for text messages, supporting link detection
  • PhotoMessageCollectionViewCell: a concrete subclass for photo messages, supporting transferring progress indicator.
  • ChatInputBar: an extensible input bar to send text, photos and custom types of messages.

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