An introductory example of a simple and minimal website built with PHP.
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Simple PHP Website

I put together this project while introducing a friend of mine to PHP. I decided to clean it up a bit and put it on Github so anyone new to PHP can have a taste of a very simple and minimal website built with PHP.

This project is meant for absolute beginners. I've intentionally kept it the most minimal possible while introducing some separation of concerns.


The project covers these concepts:

  • PHP variables
  • PHP arrays
  • PHP functions
  • Pretty links (/about) with fallback to query string (?page=about)
  • Basic example of separation of concerns (functionality, content, template)

If you are a beginner and would like me to explain something in the code, or if you already know PHP and have some recommendation for the project, plese create an issue or hit me up on Twitter @banago.