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Typebot is an open-source chatbot builder. It allows you to create advanced chatbots visually, embed them anywhere on your web/mobile apps, and collect results in real-time

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Typebot makes it easy to create advanced chatbots. It provides the building block that are adaptable to any business use case. I improve Typebot regularly with bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements regularly.

Chat builder with 34+ building blocks such as:

  • 💬 Bubbles: Text, Image / GIF, video, audio, embed.
  • 🔤 Inputs: Text, email, phone number, buttons, picture choice, date picker, payment (Stripe), file picker... inputs
  • 🧠 Logic: Conditional branching, URL redirections, scripting (Javascript), A/B testing
  • 🔌 Integrations: Webhook / HTTP requests, OpenAI, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Zapier,, Chatwoot, More to come...

Theme your chatbot to match your brand identity:

  • 🎨 Customize the fonts, background, colors, roundness, shadows, and more
  • 💪 Advanced theming with custom CSS.
  • 💾 Reusable theme templates

Share your typebot anywhere:

  • 🔗 Custom domain
  • 👨‍💻 Embed as a container, popup, or chat bubble easily with the native JS library.
  • ⚡ Blazing fast embed lib. No iframe, no external dependencies, no performance impact.
  • 💻 Executable with HTTP requests

Collect your Results and get insights:

  • 📊 In-depth analytics with drop-off rates, completion rates, and more
  • 📥 Export results to CSV

Built for developers:

  • 🔓 No vendor-locking. Features built with flexibility in mind.
  • 💻 Easy-to-use APIs.

Getting started with Typebot

The easiest way to get started with Typebot is with the official managed service in the Cloud. You'll have high availability, backups, security, and maintenance all managed for you by me, Baptiste, Typebot's founder.

The cloud version can save a substantial amount of developer time and resources. For most sites this ends up being the best value option and the revenue goes to funding the maintenance and further development of Typebot. So you’ll be supporting open source software and getting a great service! 💙

Support & Community

You'll find a lot of resources to help you get started with Typebot in the documentation.


Interested in self-hosting Typebot on your server? Take a look at the self-hosting installation instructions.

How to Contribute

You are awesome, lets build great software together. Head over to the Contribute docs to get started. 💪

Run the project locally

Follow the Local installation section of in the Contributing docs.

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Typebot is open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3). You will find more information about the license and how to comply with it here.