Automatically installs extras for RapidWeaver via drag'n drop
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This is a simple AppleScript droplet that will automatically install RapidWeaver extras into the proper location.

To use:
Download the latest release via the 'Downloads' section
Drop the RapidWeaver extra onto the droplet. Supported files will be automatically copied to the proper location.

Supported Extras:
- WeaverFM Themes. Folders with .wfmtheme in their name.
- Stacks. Folders ending with .Stack in their name.

Other file types are EASILY supported. In fact, the hooks are there to support rwsnippets, rwplugins, etc but I haven't enabled them.

Additional features:
- All RapidWeaver extras require RapidWeaver to be restarted to take effect. This script will prompt you if RapidWeaver is running, and if it is, will ask you if you want it to quit RapidWeaver.