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Diaspora’s data export function doesn’t export your posts. This script, given your profile URL, downloads all of your public posts in seconds.
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Diaspora’s data export function is crap because it doesn’t include your posts (or didn’t for me, at lest). This script, given your profile URL, downloads all of your posts in a minute or so.


Download/clone the script. It requires python 2.7.

  1. Find your profile URL. This could take one of several forms (e.g. /u/username or /people/guid), but the easiest way to find it is to log in, and navigate to your profile. Copy the URL in the addressbar.

  2. Open up a terminal in the same folder as the script and run this command:


    (but obviously replace the URL with the one you found)

  3. The script will let you know where it’s writing output to (which can be changed with the -o option), and print the URL of each page of results as it downloads them.

  4. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a JSON file full of your posts. Go now, and do with them what you will :)

Perhaps you could import them into your indieweb site so you own your data and aren’t reliant on a donation-supported pod.


I used D* for ~6 months before becoming disenchanted and searching a more sustainable way to own my identity and content.

Now I’ve found that and have established my identity online, I wanted to import my old D* content. But the tools were broken.

So I made tools which worked. Initial idea and algorithm/URL documentation here.

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