A quick way to spruce up your terminal in OSX.
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Bashstrap is a quick way to spruce up OSX terminal. It cuts out the fluff, adds in timesaving features, and provides a solid foundation for customizing your terminal style.

Based on Mathias Bynens epic dotfiles - https://github.com/mathiasbynens/dotfiles


Feature list

Faster directory navigation

  • Open your current directory in Sublime Text (with just 2 characters)
  • Jump directories rapidly, without having to set aliases—using Z (my favorite feature!)
  • Tab bar displays your current directory
  • Lots of quick shortcut aliases that I use for git and moving around directories

Customized bash prompt line

  • Git branch status inline
  • ☠ ahoy! An easily customizable symbol
  • Stripped out extraneous text

Updated color scheme

  • Colored 'ls'
  • Syntax highlighted 'cat'

Installation: dotfiles (2 mins)

  1. Back up your current dotfiles (optional):

     mv ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile_backup
     mv ~/.bashrc ~/.bashrc_backup
     mv ~/.gitconfig ~/.gitconfig_backup
  2. Install Bashstrap into your home dir:

     cd; curl -#L https://github.com/barryclark/bashstrap/tarball/master | tar -xzv --strip-components 1 --exclude={README.md,screenshot.png}
  3. Run source ~/.bash_profile or restart iTerm or terminal.

Installation: iTerm (5 mins)

Following these steps will make your iTerm look identical to mine in the screenshot above.

  1. Install iTerm.
  2. Prettier font: iTerm Preferences > Profiles > Default > Text > Regular Font & Non-ASCII > 14pt Menlo regular
  3. Unbold font: iTerm Preferences > Profiles > Default > Text > Text Rendering > uncheck "Draw bold text in bold font"
  4. Lighter blue for the directory highlighting: iTerm Preferences > Profiles > Default > Colors > click Blue and make it lighter

For more on configuring Bashstrap, see my blog post: Creating Bashstrap