Convert text markup to html. Markdown, rST, Textile etc.
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This app is a generic way to provide filters that convert text into html.

The documentation is available at


Download and install the package from the python package index (pypi):

pip install django-markup

Note that django-markup ships with some filters ready to use, but the requirements of those filters are not installed by default! If you want to use all of the filters right away, you can install their latest packages with:

pip install textile smartypants docutils markdown python-creole

Then add it to the INSTALLED_APPS list:


Use it in the template:

{% load markup_tags %}
{{ the_text|apply_markup:"markdown" }}

Or in Python code:

from django_markup.markup import formatter
formatter('Some *Markdown* text.', filter_name='markdown')


To run the testsuite simply run python test which will invoke a Tox collection testing against various Python and Django versions.

For a specific local installation run python


v1.1 (2016-05-02):
  • The Markdown filter has the safe_mode option enabled by default.
  • The RestructuredText filter has the file and raw content inclusion disabled by default.
v1.0 (2016-01-02):
  • Removed some 5 year old dust
  • Django 1.8+ compatible
  • Tests

Backwards incompatible changes:

  • Removed Pygments highlighting in the Markdown and RestructuredText filter.
  • Removed CreoleParser library in favor of a pypi package.
  • Removed Lightbox filter.
  • The RestructuredText filter now renders level 1 and 2 headers. See Github Issue 14 for details and a backwards compatible workaround.
v0.4 (2011-06-1):
  • Added a widont filter
  • MarkupField is South compatible.
  • Tested with Django 1.3
v0.3 (2009-07-29):
django-markup now ships with a builtin creole parser. Advantage is, that the recently used Creoleparser library needs the Genshi lib, which needs a c-compiler and so on. The builtin creole parser is a pure python library without any dependencies and follows the specifications. django-markup uses the WikiCreole library.