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Updated May 17, 2016

Objective-C 1 103


forked from mpospese/MPFlipViewController

A custom container view controller following the iOS 5 containment API that navigates between child view controllers via touch gestures and page-flip animations

Updated Jan 20, 2016


Easy wrapper for in-app purchases

Updated Nov 23, 2015

Objective-C 7 1,809


forked from mwaterfall/MWPhotoBrowser

A simple iOS photo browser with optional grid view, captions and selections.

Updated Oct 19, 2015

Objective-C 0 269


forked from robotmedia/LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout

Extends `UICollectionViewFlowLayout` to support reordering of cells. Similar to long press and pan on books in iBook.

Updated Aug 3, 2015

Objective-C 0 147


forked from JJSaccolo/UIActivityIndicator-for-SDWebImage

The easiest way to add a UIActivityView to your SDWebImage view

Updated Jul 21, 2015

Objective-C 0 4,103


forked from rs/SDWebImage

Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category

Updated Jul 21, 2015


forked from fastlane/fastlane

Connect all iOS deployment tools into one streamlined workflow

Updated Jul 6, 2015

Objective-C 0 173


forked from cezarywojcik/CWStatusBarNotification

A library that allows you to easily create text-based notifications that appear on the status bar.

Updated Apr 13, 2015


The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution prepared for usage within boot2docker.

Updated Mar 30, 2015

Objective-C 0 116


forked from apping/APParallaxHeader

Category that makes it super easy to add a parallax effect to your UIScrollView/UITableView

Updated Oct 9, 2014

Objective-C 0 45


forked from muffe/AFNetworking-AutoRetry

An iOS category adding retry functionality to requests made using AFNetworking 2

Updated Aug 15, 2014

Puppet 4 2


Updated Apr 8, 2014

Objective-C 0 1,701


forked from magicalpanda/MagicalRecord

Super Awesome Easy Fetching for Core Data 1!!!11!!!!1!

Updated Mar 20, 2014



Updated Jan 24, 2014


Updated Jan 3, 2014

Ruby 2 0


Category for easy major Version checking by NSIntegers

Updated Sep 16, 2013


forked from jfeinstein10/SlidingMenu

An Android library that allows you to easily create applications with slide-in menus. You may use it in your Android apps provided that you cite this project and include the license in your app. Thanks!

Updated Apr 24, 2013


forked from JakeWharton/ActionBarSherlock

Library for implementing the action bar design pattern using the native action bar on Android 4.0+ and a custom implementation on pre-4.0 through a single API and theme.

Updated Apr 24, 2013

Objective-C 0 997


forked from enormego/EGOTableViewPullRefresh

A similar control to the pull down to refresh control created by atebits in Tweetie 2.

Updated Mar 25, 2013

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