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  1. zamba-lxc-toolbox zamba-lxc-toolbox Public

    Zamba LXC Toolbox a script collection to setup LXC containers on Proxmox + ZFS. Zamba is the fusion of ZFS and Samba (standalone, active directory dc or active directory member), preconfigured to a…

    Shell 260 54

  2. proxmox-zfs-postinstall proxmox-zfs-postinstall Public

    This script is designed to run on a fresh installed Proxmox server, configures `pve-no-subscription` repository, adjusts `zfs_arc_cache` and installs basic tools like `zfs-auto-snapshot` or `ifupdo…

    Shell 111 28

  3. check-zfs-replication check-zfs-replication Public

    This script checks yout ZFS replication an generates reports in different flavours or can act as checkmk agent plugin (local check).

    Python 15 8

  4. zsync zsync Public

    Shell 6 1

  5. trmm-scripts trmm-scripts Public

  6. miyagi-pbs-zfs miyagi-pbs-zfs Public

    Secure Proxmox PVE with Proxmox Backup Server PBS and ZFS Pull Replication with a mostly turned off System

    Shell 4 1


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