Riak node data browser, built as a riak app
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Rekon should NOT be used EVER. This repository will eventually be deleted.

A visual browser for Basho's data store, riak, built as a riak app.

This browser uses list buckets and list keys; operations that are known to be expensive on any bucket with any sufficient number of keys. As such; this tool is intended for use within local (application development) environments only.

Rekon should NOT be used EVER. This repository will eventually be deleted.

For something more current, please see Riak Explorer.



curl -s -L rekon.basho.com | sh

Quick Install

Download and install using curl -s -L rekon.basho.com | sh or curl -s -L rekon.basho.com | node=node-addr:port sh to specify the node.

Manual Install

Install locally using ./install.sh or ./install.sh node-addr:port to specify the node.


Once installed navigate to http://node-addr:port/buckets/rekon/keys/go.

If you have installed riak on the standard port this will be

Known Issues

  • Editing a riak value does not retain 2i index information.
  • Lots of list buckets, lots of list keys.
  • As listing buckets/keys is quite expensive, you should install Varnish to offload Rekon (see the included ./varnish directory)