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Riak node data browser, built as a riak app
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A visual browser for Basho's data store, riak, built as a riak app.

This browser uses list buckets and list keys; operations that are known to be expensive on any bucket with any sufficient number of keys. As such; this tool is intended for use within local (application development) environments only.

Rekon should NOT be used on a production cluster EVER.

For something that can used against a production cluster, please see Riak Control.



curl -s -L | sh

Quick Install

Download and install using curl -s -L | sh or curl -s -L | node=node-addr:port sh to specify the node.

Manual Install

Install locally using ./ or ./ node-addr:port to specify the node.


Once installed navigate to http://node-addr:port/buckets/rekon/keys/go.

If you have installed riak on the standard port this will be

Known Issues

  • Editing a riak value does not retain 2i index information.
  • Lots of list buckets, lots of list keys.
  • As listing buckets/keys is quite expensive, you should install Varnish to offload Rekon (see the included ./varnish directory)
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