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Python Client for Riak


Documentation for the Riak Python Client Library is available here. The documentation source is found in docs/ subdirectory and can be built with Sphinx.

Documentation for Riak is available at


The recommended version of Python for use with this client is Python 2.7.

You must have `Protocol Buffers`_ installed before you can install the Riak Client. From the Riak Python Client root directory, execute:

python install

There is an additional dependency on the Python package setuptools. Please install setuptools first, e.g. port install py27-setuptools for OS X and MacPorts.


To run the tests against a Riak server (with default TCP port configuration) on localhost, execute:

python test

Connections to Riak in Tests

If your Riak server isn't running on localhost or you have built a Riak devrel from source, use the environment variables RIAK_TEST_HOST, RIAK_TEST_HTTP_PORT and RIAK_TEST_PB_PORT=8087 to specify where to find the Riak server.

Some of the connection tests need port numbers that are NOT in use. If ports 1023 and 1022 are in use on your test system, set the environment variables DUMMY_HTTP_PORT and DUMMY_PB_PORT to unused port numbers.

Testing Search

If you don't have Riak Search enabled, you can set the SKIP_SEARCH environment variable to 1 skip those tests.

If you don't have Search 2.0 enabled, you can set the RUN_YZ environment variable to 0 to skip those tests.

Testing Bucket Types (Riak 2+)

To test bucket-types, you must run the create_bucket_types setup command, which will create the bucket-types used in testing, or create them manually yourself. It can be run like so (substituting $RIAK with the root of your Riak install):

./ create_bucket_types --riak-admin=$RIAK/bin/riak-admin

You may alternately add these lines to setup.cfg:


To skip the bucket-type tests, set the SKIP_BTYPES environment variable to 1.

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