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Simple attempt at keeping track of visitors to django-powered web sites
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django-tracking is a simple attempt at keeping track of visitors to django-powered Web sites. It also offers basic blacklisting capabilities.

Authored by Josh VanderLinden, and some great contributors.


  • Tracks the following information about your visitors:
    • Session key
    • IP address
    • User agent
    • Whether or not they are a registered user and logged in
    • Where they came from (HTTP-REFERER)
    • What page on your site they last visited
    • How many pages on your site they have visited
  • Allows user-agent filtering for visitor tracking
  • Automatic clean-up of old visitor records
  • Can ban certain IP addresses, rendering the site useless to visitors from those IP's (great for stopping spam)
  • The ability to have a live feed of active users on your website
  • Template tags to:
    • display how many active users there are on your site
    • determine how many active users are on the same page within your site
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