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Batchbook API

The BB2 API is a RESTful interface for accessing and modifying your account.It supports both XML and JSON and a ruby library will be provided to help build client functionality.



Authentication at launch will be using token authentication. The api_key for the user will be found at The api_key must be passed as a query parameter with the key "auth_token". For example.

There has been some work done on implementing oauth2 but it isn't complete at launch. If you feel this would make things easier for your integration please let us know.

Api Test Account

If you would like to quickly test some code against the api, you can use our open apitest account at If you would like a personal account to test your integration against please write in to If you'd like to see how the data is rendering in batchbook you can go to

The apitest account has 4 users to use for testing., api key is 6B8YOw9x1tnbKZuUeVkc, GR5doLv88FrnLyLGIwok, mXZ8syJrMYHzcxf8j83D, DGJFgqRAmxGRVnM9wtYq