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PHP Code Generator

This project aims to deliver a easy to use free as in freedom php code generator. PHPDOC-Generation is also implemented as general generation tasks like "class", "function" or "property" generation.

The build status of the current master branch is tracked by Travis CI: Build Status Latest stable

The scrutinizer status are: code quality | build status

The versioneye status is: Dependency Status

This component comes with a lot of examples as well as default factories.

Take a look on

The current change log can be found here.


By Hand

mkdir -p vendor/net_bazzline/php_component_code_generator
cd vendor/net_bazzline/php_component_code_generator
git clone .

With Packagist

composer require net_bazzline/php_component_code_generator:dev-master


  • no "new" inside classes ...
  • independent and configurable indention
  • no static calls
  • shipped with examples and factories
  • covered with unittests
  • open source
  • automatic phpdoc generation

Optimization Potential

  • ... but "clone"
  • currently not widely used
  • no code review by other developers so far
  • still open todo's


API is available at

Inspired By

Final Words

Star it if you like it :-). Add issues if you need it. Pull patches if you enjoy it. Write a blog entry if you use it. Donate something if you love it :-].