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Lettuce steps for Web Testing with Selenium 2

lettuce_webdriver provides a set of steps for use with the Cucumber BDD Python port lettuce using the selenium 2.8 or higher Python package.

The included matchers and syntax is inspired heavily by cucumber_watir.


Setting Up lettuce_webdriver

In your lettuce file, add an include statement for lettuce to learn about the additional step definitions provided by lettuce_webdriver and a setup that creates the selenium browser desired:

from lettuce import before, world
from selenium import webdriver
import lettuce_webdriver.webdriver

def setup_browser():
    world.browser = webdriver.Firefox()


lettuce stories are written in the standard Cucumber style of gherkin. For example:

Scenario: Filling out the signup form
  Given I go to ""
   When I fill in "Name" with "Foo Bar"
    And I fill in "Email" with ""
    And I fill in "City" with "San Jose"
    And I fill in "State" with "CA"
    And I uncheck "Send me spam!"
    And I select "Male" from "Gender"
    And I press "Sign up"
   Then I should see "Thank you for signing up!"

Included Matchers

The following lettuce step matchers are included in this package and can be used with Given/When/Then/And as desired.

# urls
I visit ""
I go to ""

# links
I click "Next page"
I should see a link with the url ""
I should see a link to "Google" with the url ""
I should see a link that contains the text "Foobar" and the url ""

# general
I should see "Page Content"
I see "Page Content"
I should see "Page Content" within 4 seconds
I should not see "Foobar"
I should be at ""
I should see an element with id of ""
I should see an element with id of "" within 2 seconds
I should not see an element with id of ""
The element with id of "cs_PageModeContainer" contains "Read"
The element with id of "cs_BigDiv" does not contain "Write"

# browser
The browser's URL should be ""
The browser's URL should contain ""
The browser's URL should not contain ""

# forms
I should see a form that goes to ""
I press "Submit"

# checkboxes
I check "I have a car"
I uncheck "I have a bus"
The "I have a car" checkbox should be checked
The "I have a bus" checkbox should not be checked

# select
I select "Volvo" from "Car Choices"
I select the following from "Car Choices":
The "Volvo" option from "Car Choices" should be selected
The following options from "Car Choices" should be selected:

# radio buttons
I choose "Foobar"
The "Foobar" option should be chosen
The "Bar" option should not be chosen

# text entry fields (text, textarea, password)
I fill in "Username" with "Smith"


lettuce_webdriver is maintained by Nick Pilon (@npilon on github and Bug fixes and feature patches may be submitted using github pull requests, and bug reports or feature requests as github issues.

lettuce_webdriver is fully compatible and recommended for use with BrowserStack (, which provides hosted remote Selenium instaces for all major browsers.