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Redis Tools (retools)

retools is a package of Redis tools. It's aim is to provide a variety of Redis backed Python tools that are always 100% unit tested, fast, efficient, and utilize the capabilities of Redis.

retools is available on PyPI at

Current tools in retools:

  • Caching
  • Global Lock
  • Queues - A worker/job processing system similar to Celery but based on how Ruby's Resque system works.
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A high performance caching system that can act as a drop-in replacement for Beaker's caching. Unlike Beaker's caching, this utilizes Redis for distributed write-locking dogpile prevention. It also collects hit/miss cache statistics along with recording what regions are used by which functions and arguments.


from retools.cache import CacheRegion, cache_region, invalidate_function

CacheRegion.add_region('short_term', expires=3600)

def slow_function(*search_terms):
    # Do a bunch of work
    return results

my_results = slow_function('bunny')

# Invalidate the cache for 'bunny'
invalidate_function(slow_function, [], 'bunny')

Differences from Beaker

Unlike Beaker's caching system, this is built strictly for Redis. As such, it adds several features that Beaker doesn't possess:

  • A distributed write-lock so that only one writer updates the cache at a time across a cluster.
  • Hit/Miss cache statistics to give you insight into what caches are less effectively utilized (and may need either higher expiration times, or just not very worthwhile to cache).
  • Very small, compact code-base with 100% unit test coverage.


A Redis based lock implemented as a Python context manager, based on Chris Lamb's example.


from retools.lock import Lock

with Lock('a_key', expires=60, timeout=10):
    # do something that should only be done one at a time


retools is offered under the MIT license.


retools is made available by Ben Bangert.