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🕒 Enhanced Wunderlist task scheduling for power users

WunderSchedule is a Node.JS module that allows you to greatly extend the due date and reminder systems of Wunderlist. WunderSchedule allows you to:

  • Schedule starting times for todos, to reduce 'task list paralysis'
  • Setup repeating tasks with finer granularity (ever wanted to schedule a task for just weekdays?)


  1. Install with npm install -g wunderschedule.
  2. Go to the Wunderlist Developer Portal and register an app. Take note of your Client ID. Click Create Access Token and record the resulting token.
  3. Run wunderschedule auth and paste in your Client ID and Access Token.


  1. Run wunderschedule once in the command line and do Ctrl-C to kill it. This will create a list called scheduled in your Wunderlist account. (Alternatively, just created a list entitled scheduled)
  2. Add tasks in the scheduled lists to schedule todos. Wunderschedule uses special tags that you enter into the 'note' section of the tasks to allow you to schedule upcoming todos. The task's title will be maintained as the title of the resulting todo.
  3. Run wunderschedule and let it continue running in the background. Every minute, it will check the scheduled list and create tasks defined by the template tasks if necessary.


Suppose I want to remind myself every Friday afternoon to take out the trash.

  1. Create a task called Take out the Trash in the scheduled list.

  2. In the 'Note' section of the task, enter:

    due-date: Friday
    start-time: 4pm
    repeat-every: Friday
  3. When I leave wunderschedule running, on Friday I will receive a todo in my inbox at 4pm with the title Take out the Trash. Furthermore, this task will be created by wunderschedule every Friday.

Note: Do not put any data in the native Wunderlist 'Due Date' or 'Remind Me' fields in template tasks. While this will not disrupt the functionality of Wunderschedule, it is unnecessary and defeats the purpose of Wunderschedule.


Tag Effect Alt. Tags
start-time:* Defines the time (on due date) at which the scheduled task will appear in your todo. start:, s:
due-date: Sets the due date in the resulting todo and gates the day when the todo is created. due:, d:
repeat-every: Defines when the task should be repeated. repeat:, r:
list: The name of the list you want the task to appear in. Defaults to inbox. l
starred: Whether or not the resulting task should be starred. (No parameters needed) star
note: Note to be added to the resulting task. n
reminder: Time to set the Wunderlist reminder for created task rem, remind

(* = Required)

Example Inputs

start-time, due-date:

  • All times / dates are parsed with DateJS, which has a handy validation tool on their homepage. If your input parses with that test, then it should work in Wunderschedule.


  • Example inputs: Multiple days of week can be specified space-separated (i.e. Monday Wednesday Friday is valid). Time units like day, week, month, and year are valid, as are scaled versions of these (i.e. 3 days)


  • Semicolons can be used as linebreaks in a task template.
    • e.g: due:today;start:4pm is a valid - though hard to parse - template note.


  • Thanks to Wunderline for their well documented code. A good portion of Wunderschedule's implementation was inspired by Wunderline.