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Bear Shares

Peer to Peer Content Sharing Network, which pays for contributions in BEARS


  1. bears bears Public

    Forked from baaluo/bears

    Bears an open-source blockchain for decentral applications :)

    C++ 1 1

  2. bears-js bears-js Public

    Javascript Client, for to interact with bears blockchain using JS

    JavaScript 1 2

  3. rubybear rubybear Public

    Ruby Client, for to talk to bears blockchain using Ruby Programming language

    Ruby 1

  4. docker-gentoo-bearsd docker-gentoo-bearsd Public

    Forked from l0k18/docker-gentoo-steemd

    Bearshares server built inside a Docker container using a Gentoo base with size optimization (and bash alias shortcuts)


  5. cubsupports cubsupports Public

    An upvote Bot for bearshares

    Ruby 1

  6. bearsbeem bearsbeem Public

    python library for bearshares

    Python 1


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