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Open-Source Icon API and Picker.

API with pluggable icon providers, ready to host on e.g. Google Cloud Functions, see


  • npm (scoped) @icon1/core: plain JS API connectors + typings
  • npm (scoped) @icon1/react: reusable API hooks, icon provider, and icon embed component
  • npm (scoped) @icon1/mui: Material-UI based icon picker


Ready and CDN-enabled:

⚠️ Currently there are no usage restrictions, depending on the actual occurring costs this may change anytime.

To be safe, host it on your own.


  • /icons returns all available provider
    • result: {provider: []}
  • /icons/{provider} returns all available icons in that provider
    • result: {icons: []}
    • each icon in the list contains the same data as for /icon, except the svg code
  • /icon/{provider}/{icon} returns one specific icon as JSON
    • query params:
      • variant: optional variant, if supported by provider/icon
      • color: optional color, use 6 digits hex (without #)
    • minimum result:
      interface Result {
          icon: {
              id: string
              title: string
              data: string
    • for plain SVG just add .svg at the end
      • /icon/{provider}/{icon}.svg returns one specific icon as SVG

Example Icon Data


  • supports variants
    "icon": {
        "id": "alarm_add",
        "title": "Alarm Add",
        "data": "<svg xmlns=\"\" viewBox=\"0 0 24 24\"><path d=\"M7.88 3.39 6.6 1.86 2 5.71l1.29 1.53 4.59-3.85zM22 5.72l-4.6-3.86-1.29 1.53 4.6 3.86L22 5.72zM12 4c-4.97 0-9 4.03-9 9s4.02 9 9 9a9 9 0 0 0 0-18zm0 16c-3.87 0-7-3.13-7-7s3.13-7 7-7 7 3.13 7 7-3.13 7-7 7zm1-11h-2v3H8v2h3v3h2v-3h3v-2h-3V9z\"/></svg>",
        "variants": [


  • does not support variants
  • includes source of icon
  • includes colorDefault of brand
    "icon": {
        "id": "3m",
        "title": "3M",
        "data": "<svg role=\"img\" viewBox=\"0 0 24 24\" xmlns=\"\"><title>3M</title><path d=\"M18.903 5.954L17.17 13.03l-1.739-7.076h-5.099v2.613C9.72 6.28 7.56 5.706 5.558 5.674 3.12 5.641.563 6.701.469 9.936h3.373c0-.977.747-1.536 1.588-1.523 1.032-.008 1.508.434 1.533 1.124-.036.597-.387 1.014-1.525 1.014H4.303V12.9h1.03c.584 0 1.399.319 1.431 1.435-1.501 1.443-1.517-.053-1.763-1.225-1.763-2.23H0c.015.677-.151 5.091 5.337 5.059 2.629.025 4.464-1.085 5.003-2.613v2.342h3.455v-7.632l1.867 7.634h3.018l1.875-7.626v7.634H24V5.954h-5.097zm-8.561 7.06c-.429-.893-1.034-1.284-1.376-1.407.714-.319 1.09-.751 1.376-1.614v3.021z\"/></svg>",
        "source": "",
        "colorDefault": "#FF0000"

Build Icon Lists

Build an index of all icons in the providers, is used by /icons/{provider} to return all available provider icons.

needs an already built api

cd packages/icon1-api
node build/cli build-icon-list

todo: currently hard coded in packages/icon1-api/src/icon1/iconListMaker.ts and is not dynamically using providers


Basic package with universal typings and a fetch based API connector.

import { Icon1Icon, Icon1IconDetails, Icon1ListBuilt } from '@icon1/core/Icon1Types'
import { Icon1Loader } from '@icon1/core/Icon1Loader'

const api = 'http://localhost:3030'
Icon1Loader.loadIcon(api, 'simple-icons', '3m', undefined).then(r => console.log(r))
Icon1Loader.loadIcons(api, 'simple-icons').then(r => console.log(r))


Basic package for React with provider, hooks and special embed.

import { Icon1Embed } from '@icon1/react/Icon1Embed'
import { Icon1Provider, useIcon1 } from '@icon1/react/Icon1Provider'
import { IconEmbed } from '@icon1/react/IconEmbed'
import { useIcon1Loader } from '@icon1/react/useIcon1Loader'
import { withIcon } from '@icon1/react/withIcon'
import { Icon1Loader } from '@icon1/core/Icon1Loader'


Material-UI icon picker.

import { Icon1Picker } from '@icon1/mui/Icon1Picker'


This project adheres to semver, until 1.0.0 and beginning with 0.1.0: all 0.x.0 releases are like MAJOR releases and all 0.0.x like MINOR or PATCH, modules below 0.1.0 should be considered experimental.


  1. Clone/fork repository
  2. npm i
  3. npm run bootstrap && npm run hoist
  4. Now run either:
    • npm start for cleaning builds, hoisting, launching demo app, compilation of packages and backend
    • npm test for running tests
    • npm run serve for launching demo app, compilation of packages and backend
      • requires hoisting beforehand
    • npm run tdd for running tests in watch mode
    • npm run build for building the demo app and packages


This project is free software distributed under the MIT License.

© 2022 bemit, Michael Becker

License: Icons

Icons are provided by awesome other projects, integrated by default:

Simple Icons

Provided by under the CC0 1.0 Universal license.

Please read their disclaimer regarding brand use, if we didn't update yet to the latest version, e.g. where your icon is removed, please open an issue in this repository to request an update.


Material design icons are created by Google.

We have made these icons available for you to incorporate into your products under the Apache License Version 2.0. Feel free to remix and re-share these icons and documentation in your products. We'd love attribution in your app's about screen, but it's not required.

imported using npm module @material-design-icons/svg