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If you are like me, you'd do lots and lots of small projects to learn just about anything. Lots of projects means lots of boilerplates, and out of all the boilerplates, the one we have to create the most often is more or less the .gitignore file.

IgnoreMe makes the process of maintaining .gitignore files quick and easy.

Get Started

$ yarn global add ignoreme # or npm i -g ignoreme
$ ignoreme vim node macos
# 3 gitignore(s) added: vim, node, macos


To add ignores:

$ ignoreme add <language1, language2, editor1, ...>

To remove ignores:

$ ignoreme remove <language1, language2, editor1, ...>

To list ignores:

$ ignoreme list


To ignore all vim, node, and macos temporary files:

$ ignoreme add vim node macos
# 3 gitignore(s) added: vim, node, macos

$ ignoreme list
# 3 complete gitignore(s):
#   |-- macos
#   |-- node
#   |-- vim

To un-ignore node temporary files

$ ignoreme remove node
# 1 gitignore(s) removed: node

$ ignoreme list
# 2 complete gitignore(s):
#   |-- macos
#   |-- vim

Let's say you forgot that you have macos ignores...

$ ignoreme add macos
# 1 gitignore(s) already exist(s): macos

...or that you misspelt vim (to be improved)

$ ignoreme add vym
# 1 gitignore(s) not found: vym
# Please refer to for a list of available gitignores


This project is still WIP. Major things left to do:

  • ignoreme add
  • ignoreme remove
  • ignoreme list
  • avoid duplicate adds (recognize existing ignored files)
  • tests
  • a better UI (with colours and everything)
  • automatically suggest possible typo fixes


Issues, PRs. You know the drill.



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