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PHP Calendar

A PHP class that makes generating calendars as easy as possible.

You can use the addEvent() or addEvents() methods to mark events on the generated calendar.

This is fully compatible with PHP 5 through to PHP 7.3+

Installation via Composer

You can now install this class via composer.

$ composer require benhall14/php-calendar

Remember to add the composer autoloader before using the class and use the correct namespace.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use benhall14\phpCalendar\Calendar as Calendar;


Please make sure you have added the required classes.

You should probably also make sure you include the calendar.css stylesheet, unless you are creating your own stylesheet.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/calendar.css">

In its simplest form, use the following to create a calendar

    # create the calendar object

    $calendar = new Calendar();

    # if needed, add event

	    '2017-01-14',   # start date in Y-m-d format
	    '2017-01-14',   # end date in Y-m-d format
	    'My Birthday',  # event name text
	    true,           # should the date be masked - boolean default true
	    ['myclass', 'abc']   # (optional) additional classes in either string or array format to be included on the event days

    # or for multiple events

	$events = array();

	$events[] = array(
		'start' => '2017-01-14',
		'end' => '2017-01-14',
		'summary' => 'My Birthday',
		'mask' => true,
		'classes' => ['myclass', 'abc']

	$events[] = array(
		'start' => '2017-12-25',
		'end' => '2017-12-25',
		'summary' => 'Christmas',
		'mask' => true


	# finally, to draw a calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d')); # draw this months calendar

	# this can be repeated as many times as needed with different dates passed, such as:

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-01-01')); # draw a calendar for January this year

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-02-01')); # draw a calendar for February this year

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-03-01')); # draw a calendar for March this year

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-04-01')); # draw a calendar for April this year

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-05-01')); # draw a calendar for May this year

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-06-01')); # draw a calendar for June this year

	# to use the pre-made color schemes, include the calendar.css stylesheet and pass the color choice to the draw method, such as:

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'));            # print a (default) turquoise calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'purple');  # print a purple calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'pink');    # print a pink calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'orange');  # print a orange calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'yellow');  # print a yellow calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'green');   # print a green calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'grey');    # print a grey calendar

	echo $calendar->draw(date('Y-m-d'), 'blue');    # print a blue calendar


Fully tested to work with PHP 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

PHP DateTime


Copyright (c) 2016-2019 Benjamin Hall,

Licensed under the MIT license


If you find this project helpful or useful in anyway, please consider getting me a cup of coffee - It's really appreciated :)



A simple PHP class to generate calendars. Easy to populate, the calendar shows events by passing in an array.





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