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Notes/outlines for my JS workshop at Code Academy
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Code Academy JS Workshop

Idea here is to learn JavaScript and jQuery through practical application of building common features on an example web app.


1. Intro to JavaScript

  • Introduction
  • The Console
  • Variables and Comments
  • Primitive Data Types and Built-in Objects
  • Strings and Numbers
  • Objects and Arrays
  • Functions, arguments and this
  • Booleans and Expressions
  • Conditionals, Loops and Iterating
  • The Prototype
  • Inheritance: Classes and Methods

2. Intro to jQuery

  • Including jQuery and other JS files
  • DOM ready
  • Selectors and traversing
  • Caching retrieved elements
  • Reading/Setting properties
  • Iterating

3. Using jQuery in an App

  • ???????


Documentation: Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla has excellent documentation that is much more up to date and accurate than W3Schools, I encourage you to use this for your documentation/reference needs.




MVC JavaScript Applications



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