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Pusher.cfc - REST API Library For ColdFusion

by Ben Nadel (

A ColdFusion wrapper for the REST API. This ColdFusion component has been tested with version 1.12 of the client. The actual Pusher.cfc exposes two different methods for publication:

  • pushToAllSubscribers( channel, eventType, message )
  • pushToAllSubscribersExcept( channel, eventType, message, socketID )

The latter method prevents the echoing of a message back to the originating client. Meaning, if a client posts a message to the server (and communicates its socketID), the server can then "push" a message to all subscribers, less the client that posted the message in the first place.

The Pusher.cfc also exposes two additional methods for authenticating users trying to connect to a Private channel or a Presence channel:

  • getPresenceChannelAuthentication( socketID, channel, data );
  • getPrivateChannelAuthentication( socketID, channel );

Private channels use a multi-step authentication process that requires you to expose a (local) end-point on your server. This end-point provides your application with the opportunity to approve or reject the subscription to a given channel by a given user.

ColdFusion 10 - No Dependencies

ColdFusion 10 introduced the new hmac() function for natively creating Hashed Message Authentication Codes (Hmac). I have created a ColdFusion 10 branch in the repo in which the Crypto.cfc is replaced with the hmac() function.

Branch: ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion 8 Compatible

I have created a very quick translation of the ColdFusion 9.0.1 version (this one) over to a ColdFusion 8 version for users on older systems. I made sure that the Example worked; but, I did not other further testing.

Branch: ColdFusion 8

Flash Fallback

In the event that the user's browser doesn't support WebSockets, the Pusher client will fallback to using Flash WebSockets. In previous versions of the Pusher client, you had to host the "swf" fallback file yourself; this is no longer the case. Now, the Pusher client will load the fallback "swf" as needed from its own servers.

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