Project management

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Gunicorn uses GitHub for the project management. GitHub issues are used for 3 different purposes:

Because of these different usages, a high level of organization is needed.

If an issue is reporting a bug within Gunicorn, it goes in the "Bug tracker" category. If it is a question, an unidentified problem, an idea, a proposition, an enhancement, or anything else, it goes in the "Forum" category. Finally issue that are clearly discussion between contributors about features of Gunicorn, or the ones which derive to a discussion, goes in the "Mailing list" category.


Here are some general rules about Gunicorn project management:

  • @benoitc has the last word.
  • If at least 2 core-team members agree that a PR/issue is a wontfix, it can be closed.
  • If a majority of people participating to a the discussion agree that's a wontfix, one core-team member is enough to close it.
  • If an issue is at least 2 months old and nobody answered after 1 month, one core-team member is allowed to close it.
  • Issues that have been been identified to be upstream issues can be closed by one core-team member. The important ones would still be kept open to allow following their progress on Gunicorn side.
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