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Rednex GameBoy Development System
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RGBDS (Rednex Game Boy Development System) is a free assembler/linker package
for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It consists of:

  - rgbasm  (assembler)
  - rgblink (linker)
  - rgbfix  (checksum/header fixer)

rgbds-linux is a fork of the original RGBDS which aims to make the programs
more like other UNIX tools.

  Installing RGBDS (UNIX)

To build the programs on a UNIX or UNIX-like system, just run in your terminal:


Then to install the compiled programs and manual pages, run (with appropriate

  make install

After installation, you can read the manuals with the man(1) command. E.g.,

  man 1 rgbasm

Note: the variables described below can affect installation behavior when given
on the make command line. For example, to install rgbds in your home directory
instead of systemwide, run the following:

  mkdir -p $HOME/{bin,man/man1,man/man7}
  make install PREFIX=$HOME

PREFIX: Location where RGBDS will be installed. Defaults to /usr/local.

BINPREFIX: Location where the RGBDS programs will be installed. Defaults
to ${PREFIX}/bin.

MANPREFIX: Location where the RGBDS man pages will be installed. Defaults
to ${PREFIX}/man.

Q: Whether to quiet the build or not. To make the build more verbose, clear
this variable. Defaults to @.

  Installing RGBDS (Windows)

Windows builds are available here:

Copy the .exe files to C:\Windows\ or similar.
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