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What we are building 👩‍🍳

BentoML is an open source platform for building, deploying and operating machine learning services at scale.

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BentoML has a thriving open source community where hundreds of ML practitioners are contributing to the project, helping other users and discuss all things MLOps. 👉 Join us on slack today!


  1. BentoML Public

    Unified Model Serving Framework 🍱

    Python 5k 568

  2. Yatai Public

    Model Deployment at Scale on Kubernetes 🦄️

    TypeScript 584 58

  3. bentoctl Public

    Fast model deployment on any cloud 🚀

    Python 155 26

  4. Deploy Your Own Stable Diffusion Service

    Python 136 29

  5. Online Inference API for NLP Transformer models - summarization, text classification, sentiment analysis and more

    Python 14 1

  6. Pneumonia Detection - Healthcare Imaging Application built with BentoML and fine-tuned Vision Transformer (ViT) model

    Python 3 1