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Minimal and elastic Reddit reader web-app client.

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A minimalist, elastic and read-only Reddit web app client, that lets you create "Channels", which groups as many subreddits as you want into one stream.

  • Minimalist

    While aiming for simplicity, Reeddit cares to show you only the most important information from the posts and comments. No upvotes or points.

  • Elastic

    Reeddit has 3 different elastic layouts - you can use it on any window size. So it's comfortable to use on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

  • Read-only

    Being a personal side-project of mine, Reeddit can be used for browsing subreddits and viewing links/post and its comments, but not for voting or commenting... for now ;) -- However, the subreddits and channels you add are saved locally, so you don't lose any of that data.

  • Channels

    Channels let you group subreddits into one stream, so you can browse their links in a single view, instead of having to browse each one separately. This is specially useful when you add subject-related subreddits.

For screenshots and additional info, visit Reeddit's Homepage.

Follow the updates and send quick feedback on Twitter: @ReedditApp.


To build Reeddit, I used these awesome resources:

  • Zepto.js -- basically, jQuery for modern browsers. Lighter, and with various useful tools for mobile sites and apps.
  • Tappable -- Great 'tap' events handler.
  • pagedown -- Client-side Markdown-to-HTML conversion.
  • Mustache.js -- Lightweigth client-side templating.
  • reziseend.js -- Better 'resize' handler.
  • Iconmonstr -- Awesome icons.


For now, Reeddit works properly on recent versions of Webkit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari, desktop and mobile) - it's been tested on iOS 5+ (iPhone and iPad) and Android 4+.

I used the Flexbox module (2009 spec) for layout, and Firefox's implementation is kinda wonky. Should be getting into upgrading to the latest flexbox module spec soon.

My original intention was to create an iOS 5-optimized mobile webapp - I wanted to try the then-introduced -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch property, that allows native touch scrolling for content with overflow.

On the Desktop, Reeddit is great as an Application Shortcut on Google Chrome, or as a Fluid app on Mac, and can be installed as an Installable Web-app on latest Firefox. :D

You can also use the especially made Reeddit for Mac, or install it on Firefox OS from the Marketplace, here.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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